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The Earth is the capital of the Federal Republic as well as one of the important political, military and economic center of this one. It hosts all federal government bodies on its surface, which therefore includes the two houses of the legislative branch located in New York, the Supreme Court located in Shanghai, the Offices of the President, the seats of the various federal departments and agencies which are in Paris.


The Earth has a total population of 8.4 billion which is made up entirely of humans, the capital of the Planet is Rio de Janeiro. The six largest cities on the planet are Shanghai, Addis Ababa, New York, Paris, Bombay and Rio de Janeiro. The rest of the population is concentrated around many cities of different size all around the planet, it should be noted that the Earth has more cities than other planets of the Republic because of its long history as the human homeworld. Although not on the planet itself, diplomatic personnel belonging to other species from other states in the galaxy are present in Earth's orbit in the embassies there.


The capital of the planetary government of the Earth is located in Rio de Janeiro in South America, the city contains the planetary court, the offices of the executive and the planetary assembly and all the institutions necessary for the proper functioning of the government. The executive apparatus is made up of the representative of the planet which is called an Intendant and the various departments which deal with the competences which are allotted to the planet.


The Earth for its defense can count on the protection of the Navy's Home Fleet from which the home base is Naval Base Patel located in orbit of Earth. This one has the same purpose for the 1st Fleet althought the latter is more responsible for the defense of the sector of Terra than that of the solar system. The Earth like all the important inhabited planets of the Republic is also equipped with a Orbital Defense System (ODS) which is made up of several orbital cannons used to support Navy vessels in the event of an attack. The planet is also defended by the Army and the Air Force whose task is to defend it against any invasion attempt, Marine Force as well as Task Force units are also stationed on the planet. The Earth hosts the headquarters of all armed forces' branches which are located in the city of Addis Ababa which coordinates not only the defense of the Earth, to a lesser extent, but the defense of the whole Republic.

Industry & Trade

The Earth is the nerve center of the '' Space Route '' network which establishes secure routes for trade within the Republic. It has several important industrial centers like New York, Paris or Addis Ababa which transforms the resources extracted in the solar system. It is also an important scientific and research center with the federal governement which has established numerous research institutes via its Department of Science and Innovation, these are federated under the National Council on Scientific Research.


The Earth hosts a vast train network which makes it possible to link its high number of cities due to the historical character of the Earth even if it is far from being the most important planet of the Republic in terms of population. The Earth has six spaceports to accommodate located in Shanghai, New York, Bombay, Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Addis Ababa with New York being the largest one. The same number of orbital stations take care of vessels that cannot land directly on the planet.


The cities of the Earth are like all the republican cities, they have a lot of vegetation, use a lot of glass and carbon fiber materials on mid-rise or high-rise buildings. Transparent solar panels are also inserted in the windows which reduces the energy consumption of buildings. The architectural styles of the buildings are also very varied, particularly on Earth where the historical heritage is very important. There are also very dense with a majority of mid-rise buildings and, in the city-centre, many high-rise buildings who are not too imposing to keep cities on a human scale.


The continents represent 30% of the surface of the planet which is generally distinguished by five continents: Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Antarctica, Europe and Oceania. The oceans and seas cover 70% of the Earth's surface, these are generally divided into oceans: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Glacial Arctic and Glacial Antarctica. However, the seas are much more numerous on the planet. The planet has three types of relief which are distributed on this one: the plains, the mountains and the plates which also contain several types of biomes which depend on the type of surface climate and full of other factors.

Natural Resources

After centuries of intense exploitation during the Contemporary Era, the Earth's natural resources have been seriously reduced, but the restauration efforts made by the Republic made it possible to recreate certain natural environments such as forests and coastal environments. On the other hand, even if the Earth still has precious minerals, these are in small quantities due to overexploitation at the beginning of the millennium. To avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, most of the raw materials necessary for industry come from space to avoid the environmental damage that the exploitation of these would cause on the planet.
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