Rajani Fonseka

Vice-President Fonseka

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Rajani is in a good physical shape, even if he trains little because of his work which takes him a lot of time, he often does cardio like walking to keep in shape. In addition, he keeps a healthy diet, but since the food available within the Republic is already generally very healthy, the effort required is not very great.

Apparel & Accessories

As a member of the federal government, Rajani has access to many tools to carry out his work, whether it is a government ComNet, an office equipped with the latest computer technologies, accreditation for access to almost all documents government confidences and many other elements that are essential to him for his work.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the city of Lullin, an important city on the planet Turayla, her childhood was marked by the departure of her mother who was a reservist for the Marine Corps, the latter having been called up during the Western War. She rose through the ranks to become Sergeant during the conter-offensive of the Battle of Voga, but was unfortunately wounded in the leg by an explosive device during the Battle of Oldara, repatriated to the rear for recovery at a military hospital on Turayla. Rajani was very touched by his mother's injury which he has always been close to, the latter could not bear to see her suffer. After her recovery, her mother was sent back to the front after her recovery, luckily, no other big battle took place.

The unit of Rajani's mother only maintaining order on the occupied planet of Oldara, not engaging combat than in local skirmishes. After the war, the latter was demobilized, but she decided to stay in the armed forces to rise in rank. She eventually made military studies and became an officer, but this did not prevent her, as in the whole life of Rajani, from always being present for Rajani before and after the war. Despite the presence of his mother, who never really stopped being there for him, even during the war when she contacted him regularly and always came back to see him during his leave, Rajani was deeply touched by his severe injury. This caused him to develop an obsession with the reasons for the war and how it could have been avoided through diplomacy.

It was this desire that motivated him to go into political science and apply, after his studies, for a job at the Bureau of Diplomatic Affairs. He rose through the ranks to run the republican embassy on Aahli, then take over the management of the service managing all the embassies and finally run the Bureau as such. Finally, after a few years, he managed to get himself chosen as Secretary of State. Subsequently, with his excellent work and the fact that the government he had served was of the Social Democratic Party, President Milevski selected him in its choices for the Vice-Presidency, the Senate selected him with a comfortable lead. He has now held the post for seven years.


Rajani, followed like any Republican citizen, a general education which took place in his fifth and fifteenth years. She then went into history for her special education and completed her studies in political science at University of Lullin, which allowed her to find a job quickly after her studies. Also, his personal research on galactic geopolitics and the diplomacy related to it helped him to have very good grades, in addition, Rajani has always been very perfectionist.


Rajani held many small jobs in the Bureau of Diplomatic Affairs before doing his three most important jobs and the fourth he currently holds. These were the direction of the Embassy of the Republic on Aahli, that of the Bureau of Diplomatic Affairs and the post of Secretary of State which supports the federal department of the same name. Currently, he occupies the highest job of his life which is that of Vice-President.

Mental Trauma

Although it was not a major trauma, the injury of his mother during the war deeply marked Rajani, it is this event which is at the origin of his pacifist convictions and a true belief in diplomacy above all. However, over the course of his personal experiences and his age, his beliefs have slightly evolved to become a little more pragmatic and move away from his youthful idealism.

Intellectual Characteristics

Rajani has a great emotional and organizational intelligence, but above all a very great understanding of galactic geopolitics, necessary for his work, all these characteristics have allowed him to rise in the hierarchy. Even today, he is one of the most appreciated members of the Cabinet and with his position, this appreciation allows him to lead the Council of State and make the link between the secretaries and the President in an exemplary manner.
Current Status
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
August 15th
Year of Birth
2514 AC 62 Years old
Lullin, Turayla
Current Residence
Paris, Earth
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.77 m
79.25 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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