Dyson Swarm

Purpose / Function

Built to harvest energy from the A-type star Qazzan in the system of the same name, this megastructure is made up of hundreds of thousands of mirrors that deflect light from the star to solar stations that generate electric energy with it. Positioned at the various lagrange points of the star, the current generated by its stations is then transported to the planets by vessels. Even if the construction was long, it was not necessarily complicated since the concept of this megastructure is quite simple, it's completion has enabled humanity to enjoy a phenomenal amount of energy.


Except for the replacement of defective mirrors or maintenance work on the various solar stations, the megastructure has not undergone any alterations. The only major modifications took place for enlargement work with the addition of mirrors on several orbits.


The Dyson Swarm has no defense as such, apart from a few defense platforms like those present in orbit of colonized planets, it relies entirely on the Navy to avoid falling into enemy hands. Aware of the importance of this megastructure, the Navy permanently positions forces of the 1st or 7th Fleet to protect it from any attack.


Around the beginning of 2300, the decision-makers of the Republic already saw that this one, in the near future, would be able to set up very ambitious projects, commonly called megastructures. However, they were concerned that the energy available to the Republic would not be enough for the largest projects, so plans began to build a Dyson Swarm to overcome this problem. Once the Qazzan system was selected thanks to the phenomenal energy availability of its star, construction began in 2321 and ended in 2365.
Founding Date
Megastructure, Dyson Sphere
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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