Qazzan System


The Qazzan System is the gravitationally bound system of the Qazzan Star and the objects that orbit it either directly or indirectly. Of the objects that orbit the Qazzan Star directly, the largest are the seven planets, with the remainder being smaller objects, the dwarf planets and small Athorix System bodies. Schematically, the Qazzan System is made up, in addition to the Athorix itself which is a M-type star and in order of increasing distance from it, of two planets (Qazzan I and II), an asteroid belt, another two planets (Qazzan III and IV) and an asteroid belt.

Finally, the last two planet is Qazzan V and VI, Qazzan III and VI also have a moon each of different size, the largest of which is in orbit of Qazzan VI. It should be noted that Qazzan VI and V are both gas giants which make up most of the total mass of the system. The gravitational limit of the Qazzan System is much further away, up to 1 or 2 light years from the Qazzan Star. The system also has wormholes to the systems of Sol, Adumir and Rodina.

Natural Resources

The system is rich in natural resources, whether by the various moons, planets and the twp asteroid belts which are extremely rich in minerals. The presence of the mining industry is therefore very important with several automated outposts that collect minerals.


Explored and claimed in 2201, the system would see little activity in its history before Dyson Swarm construction began other than mining. Its importance will however be increased with the completion of the megastructure within it, as it will begin to supply energy to a portion of the Republic.
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