Colonized in 2266, the planet grew rapidly and is today the economic metropolis of the Republic because the trade route which connects the Zelvan Council and the Holy Kingdom of Katho goes through Aderia. The fact that it is an obligatory crossing point between these two entities transformed it into a real commercial hub between the Federal Republic, the Zelvan Council and the Holy Kingdom of Katho. In addition, this planet has access to the Central Space Road which ensures a direct connection with the Earth and the rest of the Republican territory. It has numerous headquarters of large corporations on its surface. On the political side, it is also the capital of the Espya sector.


Aderia has a population of 15.4 Billion humans which are distributed among the eleven cities of the planet, the latter form a continuous whole, the capital Enboro being in the center and with the most inhabitants, the other cities surrounding it forming the transition towards the agricultural lands.


The capital of the planetary government of Aderia is located in Enboro, the city contains he planetary court, the offices of the executive and the planetary assembly and all the institutions necessary for the proper functioning of the government. The executive apparatus is made up of the representative of the planet which is called an Intendant and the various departments which deal with the competences which are allotted to the planet.


For its defense, Aderia can count on the protection of the 2nd and 8th Fleet, there homebase is Starbase 2 which is in orbit of the planet. The planet is also defended by the Army and the Air Force whose task is to defend it against any invasion attempt, Marine Corps as well as Task Force units are also stationed on the planet. Aderia - like all the inhabited planets of the Republic - is equipped with an Orbital Defense System (ODS) which is made up of several orbital cannons used to support Navy vessels in the event of an attack.

Industry & Trade

Aderia is a leading industrial center for the Republic; in fact, it produces 7% of military ships produced in the Republic and a good part of her industrial input. All this is possible thanks to the large amount of industrial area on the planet and the presence of the Djaout Shipyards, in orbit of the planet. The planet is also on the path of the Espya and Central Space Road which gives access to the entire sector and to the heart of the Republic.


Aderia is served by five orbital stations which make the link between space and the planet's surface as well as receive ships that cannot land on the planet because of their excessive mass and ten spaceports spread throughout Enboro and the other cities of the planet. Aderia is served by an extremely dense train network which links the twenty-six districts of the planet together. Enboro Central Station, which is the largest in the Republic, is located right next to the largest spaceport on the planet, that of Pasujai District. In these last, metros, trams, autonomous mini bus, bycicle and walking are the means of transport used by the inhabitants.


The cities of Aderia are like all the republican cities, they have a lot of vegetation, use a lot of glass and carbon fiber materials on mid-rise or high-rise buildings. Transparent solar panels are also inserted in the windows which reduces the energy consumption of buildings. There are also very dense with a majority of mid-rise buildings and, in the city-centre, many high-rise buildings who are not too imposing to keep cities on a human scale.


Aderia submerged's surfaces is covered to 35% by a continuous urban landscapes, due to the sprawl of his only town, Enboro. The rest of the planet is similar to any continental world of the Republic, mountain ranges, deserts, forest and oceans cover the rest of the planet.

Natural Resources

The planet has a great dependence on the imports of raw materials for its industry even if there are still some resources in the natural sectors of the planet, but most of the raw materials come from space to avoid the environmental damage that the exploitation of these raw materials would cause on the planet. This import dependence greatly attracts merchants of all friendly species who see it as an opportunity to do business there.
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Nachaek A IV
15.4 Billion
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