Nachaek System

Economic center of the Republic, the system has within it Aderia, one of the most important planet of the Republic which is considered as the metropolis of this one. At the commercial level, the system is crossed by several important routes, both internal and external.


The Nachaek System is the gravitationally bound system of the Nachaek Stars and the objects that orbit it either directly or indirectly. Of the objects that orbit the Nachaek Stars directly, the largest are the Ten planets, with the remainder being smaller objects, the dwarf planets and small Nachaek System bodies. For the star Nachaek A which is a F-type star, four planets orbit around it, Nachaek I, II, III and Aderia. Orbiting around Nachaek A, Nachaek B which is a G-type star, four planets orbit around it which are called Nachaek C I, II, Vozuno and Nachaek C IV.

Finally, Nachaek C which is a T-type star, two planets orbit around it, they are called Nachaek B I and II. The main points of interest are Aderia and Vozuno which are the colonized planets of the system. However, it is Aderia which is the most important planet of the system because it is also the economic capital of the Republic. The gravitational limit of the Nachaek System is much further away, up to 1 or 2 light years from the Nachaek Stars. The system also has three wormholes to the systems of Bellezir, Chenosi and Tragoa.

Natural Resources

The system is rich in natural resources, whether by the various moons and planets of the system and to a lesser extent, the few scattered asteroid fields in the system, since it has no asteroid belt. Aderia and Vozuno, as a habitable planets, also has other natural resources attached to there habitability, such as those related to the agriculture or other of this kind.


Discovered in 2264, it was first scanned by the FRS Nobel science vessel and was immediately classified as a priority system due to the discovery of a natural habitable super-earth orbiting Trimus A and a second rocky planet that can be terraformed. Two years after it was scanned, a colonization mission was set up and sent to colonize super-earth from mid-2266 which was renamed Aderia. The other planet completed its terraformation in 2298 and was colonized in 2302 at the same time as being renamed Vozuno. Very quickly, the system established itself as an obligatory point of passage for trade between the Zelvan Council, the Federal Republic and the Holy Republic of Katho, which greatly benefited Aderia, which became the economic metropolis of the Republic.
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