Cybrex System

A rather particular system, the only object present within it other than the star is the megastructure which was built by the Federal Republic. It is an essential waypoint for trade in the region, possessing one of the only entrances to the only wormhole that connects the sector of Terra with those of Arkanis and Javin.


The system has a K-type star at its center, before the construction of the megastructure, a few rocky planets orbited the star well, but they were all destroyed to make way for the ringworld. The gravitational limit of the Solar System is much further away, up to 1 or 2 light years from the Cybrex star. The system also has four wormholes to the systems of Gaitara, Sasin, Aswari and Adumir.

Natural Resources

The system is devoid of natural resources since all those which were present before the construction of the ringworld were used for this one. Today the system has no planet, only a few small asteroid fields in orbit around the star bear witness to the system's past as a true planetary system.


Discovered and explored in 2202, the system was claimed some time later by the Republic because of its strategic position which offered an ideal point of defense to block any assailant from the south. During the first discussions and project plans for the creation of the ringworld around the 2330 decade, the system was quickly selected among the candidates for the reason indicated above, its absence of a habitable planet and the presence of raw materials in quantity. Construction began in 2339 and continued until 2405 when the ringworld was officially commissioned and opened for human settlement. The ring will also be used as a nature reserve for thousands of living and plant species. From then on, the system turned into a huge economic center as well as a commercial hub for all the central and southern parts of the Republic.
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