Cybrex Ringworld

Purpose / Function

The purpose of this megastructure is to serve as a place of residence for tens of billions of humans and a natural reserve hosting an impressive fauna and flora. During its planning, this was intended to offer new places of colonization to humanity which had then colonized all the habitable worlds in its space. A more secondary objective was also to stimulate the economy with the demand that would be created by the new resource needs. Today the ringworld has a population of approximately one hundred billion people spread over the four habitable segments of the megastructure.


The ringworld has not undergone any major alteration since its construction, only a few minor improvements have been made to ensure its maintenance and keep it up to date with the latest technologies. Equipment was also replaced since it had reached the end of its useful life.


The architecture of the megastructure is quite simple, it consists of four habitable segments approximately one thousand kilometers wide which form, placed end to end, a ring around the star of the system. The segments are interconnected by non-habitable parts with a width of five hundred kilometers reinforced with carbon fiber. This set rotates on itself to simulate terrestrial gravity, this is obviously not powerful enough to do it completely, this is why this rotation is helped by artificial generators.


Cybrex is protected by several batteries of missiles, rail guns, kinetic and ballistic weapons, in addition to anti-aircraft weapons, all of which can be used for defense, but more often for destroying comets or asteroids . However, its defenses cannot really overcome attackers, for that, it is the Navy which must ensure a credible defense.


With the Dyson swarm advancing and its first solar stations commissioned, the Republic was able to begin using energy to plan for larger projects. One being the construction of a huge artificial ring to accommodate inhabitants, the Republic having colonized most of the habitable worlds in its territory. The Cybrex system was then chosen and after a long period of planning, construction began in 2339 and ended in 2405. Today, the ringworld is an essential economic and commercial center in the south of the Republic and a strategic point for its defense. , since it is one of the last points before Sol.
Founding Date
Orbital, Halo / Ringworld
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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