Enboro has a total population of 3.6 Billion people which is made up entirely of humans, the city continuously covers a good part of the submerged surfaces of Aderia. The population is particularly dense within a radius, from the center of the Pasujai district, of about five hundred kilometers which represents the epicenter of the city.


The city is headed by a mayor who is elected by popular vote for a four-year term and sits at City Hall wich is located in the Pasujai district, at the center of the city. This one has a municipal council composed of elected officials who, like the mayor, are elected by universal suffrage and vote on resolutions, regulations or other proposals from the executive. However, unlike other cities in the Republic, Enboro's size and large population have forced it to transfer a lot of power to districts that act as semi-autonomous cities. The city center obviously retains some powers, but all of the powers considered local are transferred to the districts. These each have a mayor and a government which takes the form of the government of the central city. In the other cities of the Republic, the districts still hold powers, but these focuses more on the decision-making process on construction projects to include local communities in the latter than the delivery of services.


The city does not have a concrete defense, it relies on defense in orbit to prevent any landings of an army which would aim to invade the city. However, military bases are scattered all over the city, mostly near spaceports, troops are permanently stationed there. Also, in the event of an invasion, it is planned to use the very dense environment of the city to facilitate its defense by giving opportunities for ambushes, practicing guerrilla techniques or providing the troops with hiding places to hide from the enemies.

Industry & Trade

Thanks to there spaceports, the city is an essential commercial crossroads in the Nachaek system as well as in the whole Republic. Indeed, two Space Road ends where passes through the Earth and therefore through the Enboro spaceports, which means that it sees hundreds of ships pass every day. Also receiving majority of the raw materials from the Nachaek system and other nearby systems, the city became the most important industrial center of the Republic.


The city has within six spaceports, an important network of public transport composed of train lines for long distances, metros and trams. Highways and streets have been built to accommodate autonomous mini-buses and traffic related to the delivery of goods, public services or private vehicles in peripheral areas of the city where it is not prohibited. An important cycling network is also present to encourage active transport which is accompanied by the streets of the city, which are for the most part reserved entirely for pedestrians.


Enboro is like all republican cities, it has a lot of vegetation which is present almost everywhere as well as uses ecologic materials for the for medium and tall buildings. Solar panels and miniature wind turbines are installed everywhere on the buildings which reduces their energy consumption. The city is dense, with apartment buildings that are of high height in the downton and medium height in the rest of the city which gives it a human scale. This scheme is generally present in all the cities of the Republic, but Enboro has infinitely more skyscrapers than any other city in the Republic.
Founding Date
3.6 Billion
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