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Pallas Steradian

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Commodore Pallas Steradian is a Martian commodore and the officer in command of the defenders of Mercury. He was tapped for the position after the successful execution of the Phase 2 Belt Patrol operation, which involved a mix of military planning, logistical execution, and appropriate deployment of assets. His personality profile was also considered a good fit, as he has been bold but thorough, with a solid understanding of doctrine but an openness for innovation.


Steradian has always been interested in international politics, particularly the history of conflict. It is a well known fact that there has never been combat between two nation-states beyond low orbit, and the vast majority of conflict has been between nations on the same planetoid. The generally accepted view is that the costs are too high and the reward far too little.   Steradian, however, believed that warfare in space was inevitable. He has remarked to colleagues,
"I don't know when it will happen, but there will be war in space. And when that happens, I want us to be ready."
— Commodore Steradian
  The Martian delegates from the other countries protested Steradian's appointment as joint commander, characterizing his views as "war hawkish" and inappropriate for a mission of defense. Steradian argued that there was a difference between calling for war and foreseeing it. That there was a need for an interplanetary defense force at all served only to underscore that war was inevitable.   He was ultimately approved for the position, particularly by the Mercurian and Venusian delegates who felt confident in his ability to execute this war.


In contrast to many of his subordinate officers, Steradian is a common sight around Penumbra. The rank and file who have interacted with him agree that he is strict with discipline but not unapproachable, and quick to accept good suggestions.   As the commander of the defense of Mercury, Steradian has approved of numerous unorthodox methods of warfare, particularly the integration of Sentinel assets from Uranus and Neptune into the order of battle, and has proven adept at handling the demands of the Interplanetary Solar Defence Council.   As the war rages on around them, those at Penumbra are glad the Commodore is at the helm.
Settlement | Apr 5, 2024

In the shadows of the Iron Spires, migrating along the terminator, walks Penumbra. Soldiers, mercenaries, and civilians alike warily watch the sky, always prepared for another Solar Pulse.

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