Narwhal vs Achenar

The Conflict


It was their first real hunt after Peter James Jacobson had died. Jan de Jongh was in command of the Narwhal. Previously they had robbed some small yachts, some in broad daylight while the yachts where anchored and the owners getting drunk on the beach of some Caribbean island.

But this was a small cargo ship. It was slowly steaming along. It didn't have an AIS so they were unsure on where exactly it was heading, but her course let straight out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The goal of the pirates was to rob the stores and supplies of the ship. They could unload most of that stuff via Armani's Warehouse, and earn some money.


The Narwhal had been chasing the Achenar for the good part of the morning, which wasn't that difficult, the Achenar was only making six knots. They could easily keep up with that on sail power alone.

Jan had envisioned they should attack just after noon, when the sun was out and the decks hot, that would probably scare the crew of the Achenar to the air conditioning inside. With a bit of luck they'd be all in the messroom for lunch. So the pirates could overwhelm them all in one spot.


The events turned out almost as the pirates had thought they would. All the crew was indeed having lunch. All of them. The watch keeper had even abandoned the wheel house on the bridge, leaving the Achenar to cruise along on the autopilot. So they never saw the Narwhal come alongside the Achenar, or the pirates board the ship, until they stepped into the Messroom with their guns in hand.

The Engagement

When the pirates stepped into the small messroom, guns pointed forward. They only found four people. One of them instantly threw the chef's knife he was holding. He missed and the blade got stuck in a bulkhead. The bullet that came for him didn't miss. The second crew member jumped towards the pirate. The bullet shot in his direction also didn't miss him. The remaining two surrendered.

It was all over in twenty seconds. The pirates were unharmed. The pirates had only used two rounds of ammunition.


The pirates had full controll of the Achenar now. They had locked the two remaining crew members in the messroom and set to plunder the ship. They had already transfered a lot of tools from the ship's workshop, aswell as paint cans, canned food. And Bobby Smith had even siphoned diesel from the tanks of the Achenar to top up the tanks of the Narwhal.

It was after Jan de Jongh went through the cargo papers he found in the Captain's cabin, that they decided to break into the cargo hold aswell. It turned out there were thirty-six brand new Rheinmetall 120mm tank guns stored there, together with a whole lot of ammunition for those guns.

The crew decided to let the Achenar drift in position with some of their own as guards on board, while the Narwhal made a speed run back to Armani's Warehouse to find out if they could sell the cannons anywhere.


Armani couldn't buy the guns off the pirates straight away, but he knew of a cousin who worked at A.G. Trading. That company wasn't too difficult about paperwork and could probably buy them off the pirates.

The problem was only that the Narwhal wasn't capable of carrying even a single of the guns, and sailing the Achenar over to where A.G. Trading was located would draw way too much attention. So they decided to bring the Antilope, which they had anchored off in a bay while thinking of what to do with it. She was big enough to take that cargo.

Historical Significance


In the end, the pirates did not sell all the guns to A.G. Trading, and also none of the ammunition. They used some of the Guns to arm the Sunset Dawn

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
18:00 three days later
Conflict Result
Pirates victorious



Led by



Narwhal With 14 crew members.
Achenar with 4 crew members.




Rob the stores and supplies of the small cargo ship.
Survive, continue sailing with the ship and cargo intackt.


Red Sunrise World Map
Artist: AP.

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio


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