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Narwhal vs Always Summer

The Conflict


The pirates roam the Caribbean Sea in search of prey, they are traveling east through the Leeward Islands, having just roamed the Venezuelan coast for a while they are moving terrain again.


Calm seas, with a moderate afternoon breeze.

The Engagement

The Narwhal spotted the Always Summer on the radar two hours before noon, and tracked them, they appeared to be going nowhere in particular, and with no other ships in sight. Captain Jacobson decided to check them out as a potential prey.
At noon the Narwhal made visual contact for the first time, this boosted the moral of the sailors and they managed to get a bit more speed out of the sails.

It was clear that the crew of the Always Summer was unaware of the coming danger as they where using their mobile phones to film/take pictures of the Narwhal as she was closing up on them.
At half a mile distance the Narwhal lowered the topsails and gennaker to eas maneuvering and the engine was started.
At two cables distance Captain Jacobson ordered his crew, stand-by to board.
At 10 yards the Narwhal hoisted their Pirate flag
The crew of the Always Summer thought this was a joke and cheered them on.
With the ships side by side the crew of the Narwhal fired on to the bridge of the Always Summer scaring the crew away from the equipment and disabling some of it in the process.

Immediately there after the vessels made contact and the Always Summer was boarded.
The four crew members on deck of the Always Summer where caught.
In the chaos the pirates missed that there was a fifth crew member on the Always Summer, this fifth men tried to attack the pirates with a flare gun. In the chaos that followed the crew of the Always Summer died.
After plundering the Always Summer the motor yacht was burned down and sunk.


The five crew members of the Always Summer dead in their counter attack.
The crew of the Narwhal stripped the Always Summer from any use full items.
The crew of the Narwhal freed the sex-slave Maria Torres from the Always Summer.
The Always Summer was burned down to the waterline and sunk.


The Narwhal sails to Havana to return Maria Torres home, her father gifts the Narwhal a chest of gold coins in gratitude.

Historical Significance


The gold will come to be used to pay for the conversion and fitting out of the Sunset Dawn
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The pirates win.



Led by



12 crew members with personal arms.
Motor Yacht Always Summer.
Five crew members armed with one flare gun.


No casualties, no injuries.
Five death


To rob unsuspecting ships of their food, supplies, cargo and/or valuables.
Have a great time.
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Chapter two. Introduction of the Narwhal and crew, while they take a prey.

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