Peter James Jacobson

Captain Peter James Jacobson

Captain of the Narwhal

Physical Description

Special abilities

Peter actually knows how to wield a sabre, as he was in his schools fencing club and did tournaments.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Captain Jacobson was the son of an Canadian fisherman. His father learned him about sailing, but he had no love for fishing. He wanted to travel the world, but while trying to raise money for his epic adventure, he got in with the wrong crowd and ended up in jail. After serving his three year sentence his father didn't want him back, and he got to wonder the world after all.


During his travels down into the United States of America, he met a man who was doing a yacht delivery. And Peter offered to join him so they could sail the yacht down to the Bahamas together. After arriving in the Bahamas the owner never showed up to collect his boat and make the final payment. The other man left with the deposit, and told Peter to stay put, while he was going to track down the owner and get their money.
Peter waited a month, without  receiving a word, his money was finished, the stores of the yacht where empty and he was hungry. While over thinking his options he became so hungry that he robbed the food of a neighboring yacht, only he wasn't very inconspicuous and he was caught in the act. Fleeing the island he took the yacht and sailed away.
Not two days later he spotted another yacht, which had a No.1 pennant in the rigging signaling the yacht was sailing solo, i.e. only one person onboard. Peter maneuvered his boat alongside to repeat the act. Laughing on how easy it actually was to rob other boats. He started his pirating career, renaming the boat he was supposed to deliver Narwhal.



Lover and pupil

Towards Peter James Jacobson


Peter James Jacobson

Lover and mentor

Towards Rose


Circumstances of Death
Heart attack
Short blond mixed with grey
191cm / 6'3"
90 kg / 189 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
The favourite cuss of Captain Jacobson is: “Blazing frigate”
Owned Vehicles
Known Languages
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Pirate flag of Peter James Jacobson
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Pirate flag of Peter James Jacobson.

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