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The Narwhal is a steel hulled yacht, with two carbon masts. Carrying a ketch rig.


Captain Peter James Jacobson
Chief Officer Jan de Jongh
Engineer Bobby Smith
Cook Alejandro
Boatswain  Michael
Sailor Aleksey
Sailor Jack
Sailor (5 more, not named)


Below the main deck the Narwhal consists of one level.
From fore to aft:
  • Chain locker/ boatswain store
  • Crew quarter, 12 bunks, dived over port and starboard in 3 levels.
  • Hold
  • Galley PS / Head & Shower SB
  • Engine room
  • Captains quarter, with a double bunk on the PS and charttable and navigation equipment on the SB
  • Storage for and steering gear space.

  • The bulkheads between the forward store and the crew quarters, between the galley and ER, between ER and captains cabin and between the captains cabin and steering gear space are all watertight.
    Above the captains cabin is a raised deck house situated, with companion way to get into it on the fore and aft side.
    Above the crew quarters continuing aft until the galley area, is a forward deck house, with a companion way to the aft. A man hatch in the forward of the crew quarters. And a big hatch over the hold.
    The engine room is accessible from a door in the galley.
    The forward and aft storage is accessible via hatches in the deck.

    The steering wheel is situated aft of the aft deck house, under the mizzen boom.

    Power Generation

    Solar panels on the cabin roof.
    24 Volts dynamo on the engine.


    Yanmar Marine diesel engine 6CH-WUTE (L) YX-71
    Turbo Intercooling direct Injection 6 cylinder in line 
    206 kW (280 HP) @ 2600 RPM
    Controlleable Pitch Propellor, with vane setting for sailing, in a tunnel.

    Weapons & Armament

    None. Only personal weapons from crew.

    Armor and defense

    The hull is steel, not armoured.

    Communication Tools & Systems

    Standard marine VHF Radio with DSC
    Standard aviation VHF Radio
    Military VHF Radio
    Standard marine MF/HF Radio
    UHF handheld VHF set
    Satelite connection to the internet


    RADAR detector

    Additional & auxiliary systems

  • Mainsail
  • Mizzen
  • Main topsail
  • Mizzen topsail
  • Boomed jib/staysail
  • Inner jib
  • Outer jib
  • Gennaker
  • Fisherman’s staysail
  • Total sail area: 263 m² / 2.835 sq. feet.

    Hangars & docked vessels

    Inflatable life raft stored in container on fore deck.
    4 meter dingy hanging on davids on the stern with a 8 HP outboard.
  • Pirate flag
  • False flag
  • Designation
    Pirate vessel / SY (Sailing Yacht)
    One off a kind
    5,2 meter / 16 feet
    21 meter / 70 feet
    24 meter / 80 feet (air draft of main mast)
    34 mt / 33 Long ton
    11 knots on sails, 9 knots on engine
    Complement / Crew
    Cargo & Passenger Capacity
    33 m³ / 1200 cu.feet in the hold
    Operational range
    Carribean Sea
    Home port
    Fights the Narwhal was into:
    Narwhal vs Always Summer
    Military Conflict | Feb 2, 2024

    The Narwhal finds an unsuspecting prey and things don't go as planned.

    Cover image: by Johannes Plenio


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