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Bobby Smith

Bobby Smith

Engineer of the Narwhal
Chief Engineer of the Sunset Dawn
Chief Engineer of the Red Sunrise

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bobby grew up in the UK, his parents where both primary school teachers, and he had an happy childhood.
After passing through the different schools and educations with the prescribed speed, he found himself a fourth engineer in the Merchant Navy.
He was happy with his job, and earned a nice salary while traveling the world on a cargo ship, it was not long before his superiours noticed he liked what he was doing, and therefore did what he did good. They send him back to school to study for his promotions. This repeated itself over the years, and at 32 years old Bobby found himself a chief engineer, in charge of all the equipment on the ship, and responsible for the maintenance and the planning.
He did his job well, and the company slowly but surely send him to the bigger more complicated ships. But Bobby started to become unhappy, his job was slowly turning into that of a paper pusher. While the company, with the rise of the internet, had more and more eyes into the engine room and started to interfere with how and when he did his work.
Also more and more increasingly complicated equipment was installed on the ships, while the crews were downsized in order to save money. But on the other side the shore time he used to have in port had completely disappeared, there was simply no time anymore.

With this mindset Bobby found himself on a Sunday morning sipping a coffee a in bar in the Caribbean, he was on holiday, he hadn't told his company where he was going, his phone was turned off already the whole trip. But in that random bar the owner came to him with the telephone, "Chief Engineer Smith?" Bobby was so surprised that he answered the phone, it was the company, that they had an issue on one of the ships and that they had booked a ticket for a plane to be departed that evening. Bobby angry with the fact that this was not even a question, answered that they could kiss his white British ass and that he quit his job then and there.

Later that evening he met Peter James Jacobson and soon became the engineer of the Narwhal
Norwich Great Britain
175cm / 5'9"
79 kg / 174 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages

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