Bermuda triangle

The Bermuda triangle, is an area in the North Atlantic ocean, loosely marked by connecting the following three points; the island Bermuda, the southern tip of Florida and Puerto Rico. This includes the majority of the Bahamas.

The area is famous for its supposedly deadly character, with ships and planes disappearing without a clear reason. Often giving supernatural or strange natural causes to the demises. The truth is however that there are not more or less ships sinking within the area known as the Bermuda triangle, then outside of it. Due to the reputation of the Bermuda triangle, the incidents are brought into the public eye more and even researched more. Only contributing to the infamous name.

Due to the warm Gulf-stream flowing through the islands of the Bahamas and around the southern tip of Florida in to the colder Atlantic Ocean weird and unexpected weather can occur there, giving rise to the dangerous name. Also the existence of tropical storms, unknown in its severity to the early European explorers have caused its reputation.

Known ships to have been lost in the Bermuda triangle

USCGC Sea Hawk
Alternative Name(s)
Devil's triangle

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Dec 28, 2020 22:57 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I like that you said that it's just public perception that makes the Bermuda Triangle infamous, rather than an actual surplus of ships sinking there.