A.G. Trading

Looking to protect yourself? Or deal some damage?

Operating from a large old warehouse on a back water in a nearly abandoned port town, Alround General Trading still operates from the buildings they started their business in, many decades ago. The sign the first owner painted on the exterior walls is still there, barely visible due to the passing of time, but it is.

A.G. Trading started as a general trading company, buying and selling local and overseas products. But soon they had a side business in selling weapons to locals who didn't want the local sheriff to know about their foreign rifle. That soon expanded to sailors wishing to carry a pistol while sailing dangerous waters. And nowadays A.G. Trading trades exclusively in the triple A's; Arms, Armour and Ammunition. In their field of business, they are known for being able to supply anything. For the right price, obviously.

Their business etiquette is that they do not ask questions, but they also do not allow their customers to tell what they need their wares for. Silence about who their customers are, and what A.G.Trading buys and sells to whom, has turned out to be the best marketing strategy the company could wish for.

Another rule in their business is that you pay what they ask, and you accept what they offer. No negations, no deals, no discounts, no gifts, and for sure no outstanding bills. Cash is preferred, but debit or credit are not an issue for A.G. Trading. Cheques need to be cashed before they will give you their goods.

The business has several partner stores where you can place orders. Then they will ship their goods from their own warehouse to the partner, for an additional fee, of course. Or you can pick it up at the A.G. Trading warehouse if shipping is difficult to arrange.

It is not publically known who owns A.G.Trading nowadays. The warehouse employees do not give out their names. In front of customers, they are all called Robin.

We have what you are looking for.

Corporation, Commerce
Business partner
Armani's Warehouse
Preferred bank
Notable transactions
Guns of the Sunset Dawn

Only once did someone try to rob A.G. Trading, according to the stories the maggots eating from the robbers dead body died of lead poisoning.

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio
Character flag image: Logo A.G. Trading by Jacob-W


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