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Armani's Warehouse

Armani's Warehouse is a small business located in a small harbour town on a less visited Caribbean island.
On the front it looks like any other yacht shop you can find near every harbour all over the world. But Armani trades in everything, whatever his customers wants he can get and whatever they bring he can sell on, for a commision obviously.

The pirates sailing the Narwhal call his dock their home, and usually fence their cargo via Armani. Also the Pirate crew of the Sunset Dawn will do their business via Armani's Warehouse.

Armani has a lot of cousins as he calls them himself, who can always move stuff further or are in need of something.
Besides stuff, Armani also trades in intelligence, which is extremely useful to the pirates. How he gets some of the information Armani does not tell.

The store is located on the water's edge, and has his own docking facilities. With on the side a large shed equipped as a workshop, making it a small shipyard.
Alternative Names
Armani's yacht supply store
Warehouse, Commercial
Parent Location
Characters in Location

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