Sunset Dawn vs Sea Hawk

The Conflict


The Pirates are sailing north-northwest of the Bahamas towards Bermuda looking for an easy prey in the Bermuda triangle


A fresh breeze from the west northwest with a moderate sea state. Good for smooth sailing. The visibility is excellent, with a 5/8 cloud coverage. 

The Engagement

The Sea Hawk calls the Blue Swan on the VHF-radio asking them who they are what they are doing and that USCG wants to board their vessel for an investigation. 
Rose obviously doesn't want that to happen, and tries to talk them off by rightfully telling them it's non of their business as they aren't in USA waters. 

The Sea Hawk launches a rib with some man to board the Blue Swan.
After Rose informs the Sea Hawk again that any boarding attempt will be considered a pirate attack. The Sea Hawk continues to give a warning shot in front of the bow of the Blue Swan.

The Blue Swan then returns fire, and fires with their portside broadside two volleys, and score a lucky hit on the magazine of the Sea Hawk causing an eruptive explosion. The two persons in the rib are shot from the deck of the Blue Swan. After which the Blue Swan flees the scene.


The Sea Hawk sinks leaving one survivor, and the Sunset Dawn escaped, apparently un-identified.


The Admiral of the United States Coast Guard launches an investigation together with the CIA.

The USCG falsifies the medical records of the sole survivor from the Sea Hawk and locks him up in an assylum so that the media and the general public doesn't find out how the Sea Hawk really sunk.

The USCG tells the Venezuelan Navy where the Sunset Dawn is docked so that they can bomb it as an revenge for the sinking of the Almirante General.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The pirates win.




All hands died but one survivor.


Avoid discovery that they are a pirate vessel.
Inspect a suspicious ship.
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Chapter 6, the Sunset Dawn has a meeting with the USCG.

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17 Dec, 2020 19:08

Interesting conflict. I was a little confused at the fact you said all hands died but there was one survivor. Perhaps you could make that clearer? Sounds like the USCG was a bit embarrassed at the sinking of the Seahawk.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
18 Dec, 2020 13:35

Thanks for pointing that out Emy, it was a bit unclear indeed. I changed it, looks better to me now ;). It ended up like that because I made the fact that one survived only appear a bit later in the story. The USCG isn't very lucky here indeed.