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Remona Ferndown Wellwater

Many of the quotes come from the backstory that my player wrote for her character. Full credit for these goes to her. 

Remona Ferndown Wellwater (a.k.a. Remi)

Early Life

Dear Ferndown Family,

We regret to inform you that there has been a travesty in Drandor. The village has been utterly destroyed by a creature of the forest. Sailas and Minra Wellwater were among those who fell to its onslaught. Even now we are hunting the creature to exact retribution. However, as the next surviving heirs, their daughter, Remona Wellwater, has now been entrusted into your care. We trust that you can take care of her. Should there be any problems please contact your nearest regional magistrate to discuss your options.

With deepest regret,
Lucian Alvaster,
King of the Stonebrook Dynasty

Remi's earliest memories are from her farmstead on the edge of the Desert of Ill Dreams. Her parents, ex-adventurers themselves, were farmers for the village and spent their days tilling the fields. Her parents spent the evenings retelling stories of their adventuring days. Epic battles they had fought, vistas they had seen, people they had helped, and treasures they had obtained. Despite the wealth that had passed through their hands though, her parents were not wealthy, with all of the riches having been given away with the exception of a single sword.

Remi's life changed forever when she was five. On a sunny afternoon while she was in the village with her mom, a beast of fire and madness attacked. Remi barely escaped, slashing her shoulders and rendering her unconscious. When she awoke she was alone, tucked into her house's cellar. Her entire house and village was destroyed, just matchwood spread on the road. It was hours later when the Stonebrook Dynasty guards appeared on the scene to take her under their wing. That day was the last time she saw her parents.


Joining the Coal Crushers

Dear Trevenna & Pasco Ferndown,   You used to tell me stories about my parents and the life they led before settling down. My mother in particular was bold, brave, passionate...if not sometimes a little stubborn. She was an adventurer in her youth...oh the places she must have seen…   You often said I reminded you of her, so I can’t think of a better way to find out how much like her I am, than to go out and do some adventuring for myself. I’m an adult now, and while I’m grateful to you both for taking me in all these years, I want to see the world. I’ve scarcely left the village and surrounding downs.


Remi was taken to live with her aunt and uncle in the village of Greenstead, just north of Aufest where she grew up tending to the bar of their small inn. It was here that she met and began cultivating her friendship with Benji, a St Bernard. However, Remi never forgot the stories she had been told by her parents or those told by the strangers passing through the inn. The adventuring life called to her and, in 2324 AC she answered its called, leaving the inn behind and a note for her aunt and uncle.

Remi first travelled north, accidentally stumbling into the realm of the The Lord of Oak before turning south. Although Remi did not register that she had travelled into his domain until much later, this meeting was a drastic change in her life and began the manifestation of the natural magic in her veins. After turning south though she met up with the other Coal Crushers and obtained her own taste of the adventuring life.

After the Darkness in the North

Rule 45 - Adventurers retire to taverns

Extended adventuring rules
by Remona Wellwater

Following the defeat of the Cult of the Black Bones in the Hall of Names Remi, Flimp Anthane McBlarn, and Tyr Æsir set about repairing the damage that had been wrought to the Stonebrook Dynasty. They were instrumental in providing housing and support for the thousands of refugees displaced by the goliath armies that had razed the city. They aided in setting up the Second Stonebrook Dynasty and making sure it survived its initial hardships.

Once the general stability had been returned to the region, Remi turned south and aided Tellian Waywocket in recolonizing the ruins of Tvintiir. It was Remi who finally determined how to live alongside the fungal growths in the ruins at peace, which allowed the population of the City of Spores. This allowed the academics to return to the north once more and prosperity to return to the region.

Finally, fulfilling the dying request of the The Lord of Oak, Remi became a prominent member of the Circle of Hill and Dale. In this position and with her influence with the The Second Stonebrook Dynasty she ensured that the forests and natural areas were properly protected and not over spoiled by logging and development.

When stability had returned, Remi once again rejoined Flimp and Tyr to construct the Leaf and Lightning Tavern. She ran numerous businesses out of the tavern including a pocket bacon store. It was here that Remona Ferndown Wellwater passed away in 2389 AC.

"If you give a Tarrasque a carrot it will not eat you."

~ Remona Wellwater in Records of the Great
Author Unknown


Flimp Anthane McBlarn

Friend (Vital)

Towards Remona Ferndown Wellwater



Remona Ferndown Wellwater

Friend (Vital)

Towards Flimp Anthane McBlarn



Sailas Grendel Wellwater and Minra Mollow Ferndown Wellwater
Extended Family
Trevenna and Pasco Ferndown (aunt and uncle)
Current Location
2302 AC 2453 AC 151 years old
Circumstances of Death
Place of Death
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations
Major acts as a member of the Coal Crushers


Benji was a constant companion of Remi during her time leading up to joining the Coal Crushers and in the years following their separation. Being a St bernard, Benji is as tall as Remi but was as gentle as a dog could be.

A part of Remi's journey with the Coal Crushers involved meeting and talking with the Lord of Oak. During this encounter, the Lord of Oak awakened Benji and granted him an intelligence far beyond that of a normal St Bernard to help Remi in the decisions she would later need to face. It was his heroic actions as a member of the Coal Crushers

In the years following her time with the Coal Crushers that resulted in his knighthood. Benji and Remi remained close. While Remi managed the Leaf and Lightning Tavern with Flimp, Benji assumed responsibility for an animal hospital out back and became renown for being a very eligible bachelor.

The Blade of Elnorshant

by Arimel using Midjourney

The Blade of Elnorshant is a legendary sword that was owned by Remi's parents and was lost with their death. During her travels, Remi rediscovered the sword, pulling it from the chest of the Jestyrach. She then wielded the blade to the end of her days. It is said that she could communicate with the sword but never made an agreement with it. Sometime before her death she must have given the sword away or hidden it for it was not found in her property.

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