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"For it will be here [Aufest] that the light shall burn through and all darkness withheld. There shall we gather and, at the time appointed, suffer for the fate of the world"
The Prophecy of Gold as recorded
in the annals of Mantar: 1329 AC
  Aufest is a picturesque farming town built on an island in the River Aust on the edges of the Stonebrook Dynasty. The top ridge of the island is crowned with the Temple of the Sun (dedicated to Malor), a huge gold plated dome that sheds continuous light to the town and surrounding region. The rest of the ridge is populated by lesser temples and Lord Warminster's mansion (lord of Aufest).   The Lower town is composed of timber and sandstone face buildings with red tiled rooves. The wealth of the island slowly deteriorates as you move out from the central ridge.    

On the Governance of Aufest

On Authority

1.10: The Lord of Aufest has the right to govern the town of Aufest in the name of the King and Queens of the Stonebrook Dynasty.
1.11: The Lord of Aufest has the foremost opinion in the town of Aufest. 
 1.12: The Lord of Aufest has the right to appoint the Captains of the Dual-Blood Guard to manage the judicial and defensive needs of the town.
 1.13: The Lord of Aufest, in times of emergency, can take full control over the city, its resources, and people.
1.14: The Lord of Aufest has the right to be heard in every forum.

1.21: The Captains of the Dual-Blood Guard have full control over the judicial and defensive realms of the city, unless revoked by the lord of Aufest.
1.22: The Captains of the Dual-Blood Guard shall be composed of two races, one representing each half of the Dynasty's heritage unless a suitable appointment cannot be found.
1.23: The Captains of the Dual-Blood Guard have the authority to set out the budget and organize the taxes for Aufest and its surrounding region.
1.24: The Captains of the Dual-Blood Guard are responsible for maintaining the defenses of the city of Aufest on a daily basis. This includes the manning of guard posts, the upkeep of guard installations, the surveillance of the surrounding region, and the defending of the city itself.
1.25: All members of the guard shall be treated as respected members of the Stonebrook Dynasty's military. Slandering, mocking, or maltreating a guard is a criminal offense.
1.31: The Servant of Malor has foremost authority over religious matters in Aufest.
1.32: The Temple of the Sun will, under no circumstances, be taxed or treated as an establishment under the Lord of Aufest's or the Dual-Blood Guard's control.
1.33: The Servant of Malor, and the temple, have full responsibility for the health and welfare - spiritual and physical - for the peoples of Aufest.
 1.34: If The Servant of Malor is seen as breaking a law in Aufest they will be reported to their head head temple for repercussive measures.
1.41: The people's chambers shall deal with the daily running of Aufest.
 1.42: The people's chambers are under direct supervision of the Dual-Blood Guard Captains.
1.43: Biannually, the members of the people's chambers shall be voted into position by the legitimate members of the city of Aufest and direct surrounds.


On Cleanliness and Order

3.11: Each district of Aufest shall be managed by elected members of the people's chambers.
3.12: Elected members shall have full responsibility to ensure that their districts maintain the standards set out in the 1910 Accords.
3.13: Districts that shall be elected include: Temple Walk, Fountain Market, City Temple, Town Market, Red Coat Inn, The Docks, Black Cat Slums, and The Tents. Sufficient dissatisfaction of the Lord of Aufest in any of the districts could result in the elected official's removal.


On Money and Trade

6.11: All entry into the city by unlisted people or merchants shall be taxed at 1 silver.
6.12: City guilds shall meet regularly to discuss pricing and avoid pricing turmoil.
6.13: False currency shall not be used under any circumstances. Those guilty shall be prosecuted.

6.21: Merchants operating under guilds of hostile nations shall be refused entry to the city.
6.22: Merchants working alongside guilds of hostile nations shall be taxed at 2x the normal rate.
6.23: Hostile nations currently include: Amiro Empire, Pirate Isles, and the Goliaths of the Mountain Frosts, among others.

6.31: Every week end a market shall be held in the Fountain Market.
6.32: Weekly markets shall have marked areas for venders to set up that will not block main thorough fares. Spaces must be booked a month in advance.

6.41: The Dual-Blood Guard have responsibility for ensuring that key industries are not affected by bandits, Sandpack or other influences.
6.42: Key industries are defined as: Trade with Tvintiir (esp. in regard to Coal-Gems), Timber, Weaving (esp. as directed by Lord Warminster in regard to his curtain manufacturing), Corn, Grains, and Sand Crystal

Excerpts from the Governance of Aufest,
laws updated in 2310 AC
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