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The Jestyrach is a being of formidable power. The abode of this beast is unknown, its existence being purely due to magical study and the few survivors of its occasional rampages. It is suspected that it does not reside on the planet of Orlos, being located further within the Maelstrom, maybe even within the Belt of Presence where creatures of more evil intent can be found.

The anatomy of the Jestyrach has been most closely observed by the Cult of the Black Bones, which has managed to summon the beast at extremely high costs on a number of occasions. In such circumstances, its need to feed almost overrules any hope of controlling it although on only one (when Arcalturn commanded the beast to slay Remona Ferndown Wellwater but Arcalturn was slain and the beast dismissed before the mission was accomplished) occasion did it fail in its objectives.

It is said that to be slain by the Jestyrach is to completely die, with the beast devouring even the soul of its victim. These souls are then repurposed in forming the demon. Part of the demon's madness is the fact it is composed of the tattered remains of so many souls.
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