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Tvintiir State

In my gnome words, we should defend our gnomes to the last gnome against the Stonebrook Dynasty. Gnome surrender!

Quote from senator Gilgerate Tongue-gerate
to the senate, 2219

The Tvintiir state is all that remains of the late Tvintiir nation. Beaten by the Stonebrook Dynasty in 1623 AC, they were allowed to continue as a single territory, under direct control of the Stonebrook Dynasty. The nation is primarily populated by gnomes although many other travel from afar to be taught at the legendary Library of Technological Advances located in the state's capital.


Popular opinion is key to maintaining your position. I should know, having served as one of our senate's great 30 members for more than 30 years (achieving the 30-30 ratio!). To keep the public opinion you must be serious enough to garner respect and yet make just the right jokes at the right time to be right time to make them feel like you are one of their gnome (ha, see! Even now you are feeling more related to!).

Another important aspect is running public functions. Life always falls short (man I am such a comedian :D) of expectations if it is always boring meetings in stuffy offices. As such, promoting public events like gnome ball games where the voting can be based off of scoring points is always very popular (plus it ensures there is gnome indecision when voting).

Finally, you must do your utmost to respectfully mock the stuff bookworms from the academy. They are always there waving their rules at you going blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah (and believe me, if they were only saying blah blah blah it would be so much more interesting!) blah blah blah blah (tired of it yet?) blah and trying to make the politics so much more boring (blah). Senator Ergigglewits had the best idea for them when he rigged their entire section of the assembly to collapse into a vat of honey. What a sweet victory! Or when Senator Bumblebut put built fart cushions (complete with skunks essence) into King Redtree's seat!

Extract from
Gnoming your way around Tvintiir Politics


Money money money. That is all the merchants talk about, selling their trinkets (or trash) all over our wonderful city. Who cares if the pompous baloneys have fine Amiron wines or the best silks of the south. I mean really???
Now, once they bring out the old artefacts. The fine gems. Ancient scrolls. Then we can talk! The rarer the better!
However, I can understand how these poor merchants don't have the brains to comprehend this so we will let them be amazed by our coal-gems, produce, timber, and basic ores. If that is all that their brains can comprehend then who are we to deprive them?

Senate transcript, 2108 AC


Dear General Snubbledonk,

We hope that you have understood our instructions in regard to the latest shipment of armaments that we sent your way. Dr. Ambledorf has been key to the development of the technology of the suits and should be capable in training and teaching your troops in their proper use. The shipment of coal-gems that you ordered to power the suits should be arriving in the next few days.
To give you a brief run down of the suit's capabilities - although Dr. Ambledorf will give a far more extensive explanation when he arrives. The lighter variant is designed to be used at range, being equipped with energy launchers, shields, and blasters. The heavier variant has energy powered weapons and shielding effects to empower its wearer in combat. Of course, continuous use will drain the Coal-gems powering them so ensure that you order enough to keep them running!
Should these meet your satisfaction we can work on producing heavier and larger variants. We already have ideas for ballista sized launchers more usefully mounted on structures or airships but, again, we can discuss this at a later time.
Until we meet again,
Prof. Undergaurd
Library of Technological Advances, Coal-gem research branch

Magic and Faith

It is known across the entirety of the region that the temple of Craorloc in Tvintiir is a wonder to behold but they could not have understated it enough. The fantastically amazing place, with ranks of gold and silver gilded bookcases of knowledge and coal-gem technology have utterly blown my mind. Knowledge is the primary feature of this state and they would obviously do anything to serve it!
Hiking the Sandbacked Mountains
by Sintar Wanderloose
The Tvintiir State, acclaimed by many as the true seeker of knowledge, heralded by the Library of Technological Advancements, is a false façade. Knowledge, to them, is something that must be earned and certain people don't meet the requirements. What secrets do they keep locked in the innermost libraries, hidden away from even the most brilliant of students?
They completely outcast any that do not meet their view on how magic and knowledge should be aquired. Magic stemming from study and practice is good but innate magic - thought by some to be the strongest type - is completely blocked out. Sorcerors of any kind are completely shunned from the Library and the paths that we can take in society are limited. If any of us get too talkative than the Library starts an 'investigation', financially and socially destroying the individual. I ask again, what is going on here?
Article in the Gnome Sweet Gnome
by Chimpanee Triff McBlarn, shortly before he
was run from town 2316 AC

The Sandbacked Mountains and Northern Sandswept Wastes
The Sandbacked Mountains form the northwestern edges of Tangearin, backing onto the Sea of Storms in the north and the Sandswept Wastes in the south. There are two prominent civilizations inhabiting the mountains, the Stonebrook Dynasty and the Tvintiir State. Isolated by the desert expanses around them, these two societies have developed with little influence from the outside world.

In the Advance of Knowledge

“Since the 1500s when the coal-gem was first discovered that is all the gnomes of Tvintiir have focused on. They have become the most familiar in Tangearin, possibly even the world, in its many applications and have create many fantastical inventions with them.”
Allanor’s History of Orlos

1426AC - 2325 AC

Geopolitical, City-state
Alternative Names
Two Tower State
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

Supposedly friendly

Tvintiir State recognizes the Amiro Empire but, due to their small size, more acquiesces to their demands rather then being joyful in their relationship.

Non-occupying governance

The Tvintiir state has been conquered but is not physically occupied by the Stonebrook Dynasty. This results in tensions among the Tvintiir state but profits for the Stonebrook Dynasty off of the important coal-gem deposits within the Tvintiir's domains.

Articles under Tvintiir State

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