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The Tales of Fobbin Bood

Inspiration was taken from the tales of Robbin Hood
The tale of Fobbin Bood is well known in the Tvintiir State, Stonebrook Dynasty, and the surrounding region. It is a tale of hope and adventure told to the children.

Although the individual details of the stories change, the main character, Fobbin Bood, always remains. Fobbin Bood is a fox of extraordinary skill. He can pick any lock and is skill as an archer is greater than any other in the land. However, it is his heart that really captures the audience. Fobbin Bood is a character of pure intent, aiding those in need, guiding lost travelers, and providing for the poor. The most famous telling of his tales involve his great exploits against the rich and haughty, pilfering their vaults to provide the poor with food and goods.

The origins of these tales is unknown but they have inspired generations of youths to good morals and the adventuring lifestyle.

"And to cheering crowds Fobbin Bood released his arrow. Do you know what happened?"

"No Grandpa! What happened?"

"His arrow split the evil Horold's arrow in two and won the contest. However, Horold had really set this as a trap and as the great Fobbin came forward to collect his prize..."

A part of the tales of Fobbin Bood
Text, Literary (Novel/Poetry)
Oral Tradition / Word of Mouth
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