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The towers reach high in the sky, like grandpa's hair after shocks. The colors from the banners resemble Aunt Meridonnel's best socks. The skyships themselves remind me of birds but they are larger and look nothing like birds. Honestly, I could take all day describing this city but...
Aldorpomph's Handguide to Tvintiir

From a distance the city stands stark against the horizon, its many towers scratching the clouds. The many glass and metal towers reflect the sun, shining like a beacon. Upon arriving in Tvintiir, one can see the tall cliff edge of the city with the gondola's providing the sole access route up to the maze of towers with a commanding view of the surrounding countryside.

Leaders and Groups


Tvintiir is governed by three primary groups: the Library of Technological Advances (LTA), the Tvintiir Senate, and the Miner's Guild. These three organizations govern the laws of the city, fund the military, and manage the trade. Although officially the Senate is the foremost of them, the LTA wields the most influence and many of the senators are leading members of the LTA.

Tvintiir Senate

I believe the notion of a peaceful existence with the Amiro Empire and Stonebrook Dynasty to be preposterous. The countries are too power hungry and sooner or later one of them will subjugate us completely. You, Senator Humglerdink, are delusional in thinking otherwise. Your prospect of Tvintiir being capable of staving off their threats is as realistic as a Moonfly's dreams and are as attractive as being stuck under a dragon's arse. It is to you, good sir, that I direct this fart.

Senator Endling's speech
before the Tvintiir Senate

The Senate is compose of 99 senators that are elected into their positions. 59 of the senators represent different counties within the Tvintiir State while another 40 are instated by the primary organizations in Tvintiir, with 20 of these seats being held by the LTA. The senators are elected every five years (although the organization representatives tend to swap out much more frequently.

The Tvintiir Senate has direct control over the laws and regulations of the Tvintiir State, foreign policies, military concerns, and the judicial process. They are, however, held in cheque by the Tvintiir Overviewer. The Tvintiir Overviewer is an official appointed by the Stonebrook Dynasty to ensure that, as the Stonebrook Dynasty's territory, the Tvintiir Senate does not enact legislation that may harm Stonebrook Dynasty interests. There have been several clashes between the Overviewer and the senate over the years but all have so far been resolved peacefully.

The conduct of the senate is unofficial at best when compared to that of other nations. Often times, rude insults, flamboyant language, and comical gestures can be included in the senator's speeches and election campaigns. The more embarrassing the result for the competitor or opposers, the more support a senator may receive (although there is a fine line for going too far, a line several senators have failed to notice).

Miner's Guild

The rise of The Awakening has severely damaged our relations with the Stonebrook Dynasty, something even you must admit Senator Endling. We cannot risk them interfering with our trade or egging the Amiro Empire on to more drastic actions. The trade we have been working up to with them is more important than the risk they may pose to us. The trouble caused by your your pet students is only overtaken by your dreadful humor. Sit down and spare us the scent of your breath!

Senator Humglerdink's speech
to the Tvintiir Senate

The Miner's Guild is the main economic force behind the Tvintiir State. They act as the conduit for trade with the outside world, managing the transport of goods, mining of materials (particularly Coal-gems), and being the principle advisors in matters of economics to the Tvintiir Senate. Although originating within the Tvintiir State, the guild operates through the whole of the Sandswept Mountains, benefiting from the lack of trade barriers between the Stonebrook Dynasty and the Tvintiir State (a fact that causes much dissension in the senate, particularly as the Miner's Guild holds 10 senate seats).

Library of Technological Advances (LTA)

We would be happy to support the Senate in its decision to expand on the gondola system within the city. Everyone here knows that we care for the infrastructure of Tvintiir. However, at the moment our resources are rather stretched. We will do what we can to support you but, perhaps after we discuss the budget and the relief funds provided to the LTA for the next year, we can come back to this topic to determine the exact extent of the aid we could provide.

Professor Urnotaren,
Dean of the LTA, to the Tvintiir Senate

  The Library of Technological Advances is the primary force behind the Tvintiir State. Its archives are the most expansive known to Tangearin and its University produces students well learned in numerous disciplines. It also tends to be the most 'professional' institution in its conduct, avoiding, for the most part, the 'childishness' rampant through the rest of the senate and organizations.

The LTA holds a substantial amount of sway over the Tvintiir State. In addition to hold 20 seats in the Senate, most of the weapons and technology used in the city and surroundings are created and supplied by the LTA. They, also, are the sole group with extensive knowledge on the workings of Coal-gems which power many of the cities elements including the defenses and gondola carts.


The roads and Coal-gem powered gondola's can carry one to many magnificent locations within the city of Tvintiir, from the depths of the mines up to the peaks of the LTA's tower. The roads between them are all well cobbled and lit with coal-gem powered lamps and the many towers reaching into the sky are constructed of stone, steel, and glass which shine in the sun. The few skyships that soar overhead from the LTA cast long shadows down the roads and alleys.

The Undercity

My uncle Flambervilt once told me that the Undercity was the prime real-estate in Tvintiir. The dark passages were the best places for a cold and stunted existence. That is why the LTA purchased so many of the hovels. They made the best, cheap, accommodation for their students and provided excellent case studies for their economics and sociology departments. As such, they are a must visit location - just make sure to to bring sacks to wrap around your feet. It is definitely water and mud that you'll wade through!

Aldorpomph's Handguide to Tvintiir

The mines under Tvintiir are expansive. They present the only ground route into the city with the Floor Gates, two massive metal doors in the side of the mountain, being the only entrance. From the Floor Gates the Stone Boulevard carves a winding passage through the stone up to the peak of Tvintiir, a passage only slightly hastened by the use of the Coal-gem lift.

The Undercity is the dark underbelly of Tvintiir. The poorer of the families reside here in small hollows carved from the rock or in abandoned mine shafts where the Coal-gem veins ran dry. However, many of the active mines now run far deeper in the mountain, carving vast passages and caverns beneath the city.

The Senate

The Senate building is easily identifiable due to its urine yellow marble fascade. Why the original builders thought that urine yellow was a good choice of colors is beyond the wisdom of all.
Make sure that, while you stop by, you view the Lurine Goyle. This gargoyle has been a centerpiece of senate debates since its installment with more than one senator being likened to it, the toads that they are. On the three occasions that a senator has been overzealous and removed the statue, volunteers from across the city and nigh on instantly replaced it, making it a shining icon to official nature and professionalism of our leadership.

Aldorpomph's Handguide to Tvintiir

Constructed of a mixture of marble, steel, and glass the senate building stands out in the center of Tvintiir. It is highly decorated though many of the statues and gargoyles adorning its heights are in lewd or grotesque positions, reflecting the characters of many of the senators themselves (a point often used in election campaigns).

It is the second tallest building in Tvintiir, being nearly 15 stories high with the top five stories dedicated to the assembly chamber. Assessing the chamber requires use of the elevators and many platforms float around the chamber, each emitting its own gravitational field allowing the platforms to move freely around the room. This also ensures that the center of the room is always visible as the platforms can all fit in a circular arrangement around it. This ensures a more awkward situation for whichever Senator or visiting official decides to speak up as, particularly if they are wearing loose-fitting robes, they need to decide which Senator's delegation will be viewing them from below.

2325 AC

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The Two Towers
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