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The Original Library of Technological Advances

Welcome to the Library of Technological Advances!


Where you go to start to know

At the LTA you have a wide variety of subjects available to you: alchemy, archaeology, astronomy, coal-gem engineering, mathematics, medicine, mining, strategy, and wizardry are just a few! No matter what your interests are you will find a program to bolster it here!
LTA students have a range of opportunities available after their studies! We have graduates in nearly every sector of life across the entirety of Tangearin. From advising the Amiro Emperor to mixing up the potions for the Dual-Blood Guard to heading the diplomatic relations with the Sligorins, greatness is guaranteed!

Based in the center of Tvintiir, in a building left by the ancients, the LTA is steeped with grandiosity. From the Great Library, to the Magnificent Culinary Hall, to the Airdocks, to the Hall of Echoes and the Mirage Room, nothing could ever top the experience you are bound to have as one of our students.

LTA Program specialties

While we have nearly any subject you could wish for, our specialty schools are not matched by any other school on Orlos. Taught by professors who are leading examples in their field, none can pass the education you would achieve here!
If you like bubbling concoctions, exploding liquids, or just a brew than alchemy is for you! We will take you through the simplest of processes of brewing acid to full on potion making and beer augmenting. Only through alchemy can you obtain a lifelong supply of Goddervit!
by Matt Briney
If you like to dig in the mud and find treasure then this is the career for you. From investigating the origins of our esteemed library to conducting excavations on the long lost cities in the Sandswept wastes to experimenting with the ancient technologies beyond comprehension, we have it all!   Coal-Gem manufacturing
If you can pass the rigorous screening, then this program will open the doors to the technology of the future - Coal-Gems. Design airships, build trinkets, experiment with power beyond what any other could dream of and enhance your own prestige with a program solely available from the LTA.
Life and ease of life is one of our top concerns in the Medicine department. Join our ranks to spearhead research into cures for lycanthropy, mummy rot, black death, and numerous other diseases plaguing the peoples. Giving meaning to your life by giving back another's!   Wizardry
Become a master of the mystic arts! Cast flashy spells, gain extreme power, gain the skills necessary to become the person you want to be. No matter what you want, it can be achieved through wizardry! The greatest among you can even compete for the wizardry trophy at the end of your degree. Gain the skills necessary to impress the world!
by Franz Schekolin

Career Life

Gain the opportunity to network with the many friends of the library including:
  • Members of the Tvintiir Senate and administration
  • The Amiro Emperor on trips south
  • Teronian hive masters
  • Diplomats from the cities and nations across the northwestern expanse of Tangearin and, should the opportunities arise, those beyond
  • Select members, when approved, of the Stonebrook Dynasty diplomats and royalty
  • Amiro Empire Merchants Representatives
  • Miner's and Caravanner's Guilds
  • Academics from across the LTA and Tangearin
  • Experts in nearly every field of study
  • Priests of the major religious orders
  • And other special guest lecturers
by Tom Joseph

Social Life

Meet your peers through the vibrant activities organized by our student representatives. From baking to bombing, an activity is available to match every student's hobbies! The student representatives are always there when the courses get difficult and you need advice.
Perry, my representative, did a fantastic job! I was worried about my potions exam but, with his tutoring, I aced it first time!

I was worried about being lonely at the academy but I quickly found out I did not have time for lonely. Between all the academic activities and the socials organized by the student representatives I had no free time to be lonely - a perfect balance for your term time life!
Only through my wizardry degree did I finally feel like I was free and had the knowledge of the world. The magic they taught me (want to see a fireball?!?), the student societies I joined (Campaigns for the Education of Sorcerers), and the joy I spread to the people I met made it all worthwhile!

Our ethic's committee, chaired by a unison of student representatives and lecturers will ensure that corruption and intolerance are not tolerated across the campus. They are responsible to ensuring that selected programs are accessible for every student admitted and that the scholarships and rewards are distributed fairly for those eligible.

This is your chance to rise above the peasants and live your dreams! May the smartest among you join our ranks and carve out the future!

  Admissions open on the 1st of Andorsmoln. The first to apply for any given program gets their 2nd and 3rd year tuitions for free*!   * Terms and conditions apply

Power through Knowledge

by Kevin Wong with no changes
Educational, School/Academy
Alternative Names
Dean and Assistant Dean of the LTA
Prof. Urnotaren and Dr. Walnebirs
Esteemed Professors of the LTA
Alchemy: Dr. Flickercase
Archaeology: Prof. Paggleraggle
Coal-gem manufacturing: Mech. Durntleton
Medicine: Dr. Clearwinter
Wizardry: Mag. Endowist

Cover image: by Kevin Wong
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