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Orlos's Creation Theories

In the beginning there was the storm. Chaos reigned supreme over all of space and time. Then the energies coalessed and from the chaos came a sense of order. What caused this change is unknown but whatever it was changed the fate of the universe. The energies within the storm began to retreat, funnel down into the dark space, leaving behind hunks of rock, one of which included Orlos.

The trace elements of this chaotic birth of the planet can still be seen in the depths of the planet, where dying elements of the storm still rage on and crystalize in the form of chaos gems. The stars are another semblance of this chaotic energy that sends out it's heat and chill across space.

Excerpt from Geology
by Prof. Entingly of the LTA

There has only ever been Orlo. He created the stars and planets, planes and forces, energies and voids across all the universe. It was he who imposed a boundary between the chaos of the storm and order of life.

As the ages passed he was forgotten and, only in the destruction following the old world did he return to the planet. He fashioned the city of Quartz to shield the survivors and pull them through the chaos that encircled them.

However, the people were still not pleased. They prayed to different names for power and called on new beings. Only, these new beings were still Orlo. Each one was just a different view of his face.

Excerpt from Ancient Religion,
author unknown

In a land so far away,
lies Scrintalick every day,
The old wyrm has every wealth,
Gold, silver and all they te'llth,
It's on treasure that he lay.

In a land so far away,
on all his wealth he rots each day,
a landlocked hulk to n'er fly,
his youth past but death defies,
endless dreams were his way.[br
In a land so far away,
dragon's dreams gained life they say,
a chance to live life anew,
the dreams gave birth to no few,
and so we came in this way.

In a land so far and near,
We're born from a dragon's tear,
New life has sprang up again,
Reality awakened to what might have been,
we thank Scrintalick's great fear.

In a land,
author unknown

Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a man. He was not an ordinary man as you know them. No, he was twice the height of a man and twice as strong.

This giant was well known for he was the finest chef in all the land. He could stew, saute, roast, bake, and prepare any creature to it's best effect, making the most delicious meals. The chef was always trying to prove himself. Kraken, skunk, Wilderdoes, and blobfish. Each he mastered eventually and won them over to be considered delicacies by his friends.

The tall man though eventually ran out of new beasts to cook and, one day while he was out in the market, a young kid tried to steal from him. When the kid tried to escape with his possession the tall man gave hunt. He was much quicker than the wicked youth. He caught the kid and was forced to make a choice, turn the kid in for thievery or let them go.

The great chef was very angry at the kid and, in his anger, he decided on a third option. He took the kid and that evening invited all of his friends over for a great feast he had prepared, with a new type of pie as the main course.

The new dish was an instant hit and coveted throughout the land. It was so popular that it was even served at the king and queen's banquet.

Throughout this time the wicked youths in the land were disappearing, being snatched away. The few that remained were so distraught that they hid and vowed to never grow up, forever remaining shorter and weaker but better able to hide from the adult terrors.

And so this is why one should never be a wicked kid for even to this day, that great chef is looking for the evil youths to snatch.

A great chef, a short story within
Gregory's 20 bedside stories for kids
Date of Setting
Before 0 AC. Since there was the stasis period, no one is exactly sure of how long before the chaos Orlo was created.
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