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The Second Library of Technological Advancements

Re-Construction of the Library

The Second Library of Technological Advances (LTA) rose from the ruins of its predecessor. After its destruction in 2325 AC, the city of Tvintiir and the The Original Library of Technological Advances remained uninhabited, overrun by a surge of fungus. The fungi, rising from the fires within the heart of the academy, created a poisonous cloud that covered the entire mountain top and prevented reoccupation and looting of the ruins.

In 2328, Tellian Waywocket, aided by Remona Ferndown Wellwater and Flimp Anthane McBlarn, reentered the ruins and were the first to create a habitable zone within the spore clouds. Through their experimentation and study of the fungal forests, they determined a means of controlling the fungi's growth and allowed the ruins to be reoccupied.
by Arimel through Midjourney

Tellian used the knowledge of how the fungus to re-establish the Library of Technological Advances. He shaped the fungus to form buildings and other structures, the architecture style giving Tvintiir its new name, the City of Spores. The survivors of the collapse of the original LTA, those who had not been in the city at the time of the attack, returned to the city and aided in the rebuilding of the academy and repopulating of the region. Tellian also, using his connections within the Amiro Empire and The Second Stonebrook Dynasty ensured that trade returned to the area to allow the LTA to thrive again.

The Focus of the Second Library of Technological Advances

Based on the downfall of the original LTA, Tellian reshaped how the City of Spores interacted with itself and its neighbors. He set three precepts for new LTA:
  1. Research
  2. Technology
  3. Relations


The Second LTA refocused itself on research. With the burning of Tvintiir and the fungal outbreak, most of the archives of the older organization had been destroyed. The research focus was designed to re-establish the LTA as a hub of knowledge for the continent. It also was aimed at finding more obscure resources that might have otherwise been overlooked. It is said that Tellian held the largest record on the Lich Arcalturn, using the obscure resources to piece together histories that had been destroyed.


In the destruction of the north, most of the technological advances that had been obtained through Coal-Gems were lost. The entire record of their use, with the exception of a single source on its dangers by Flimp Anthane McBlarn, were lost in accidents or in the destruction. Tellian refocused the technological research into the use of the fungus. This led to the discovery that the explosion of energy released by the fungus when exposed to heat could be used for powering devices.


The Second LTA was committed to supporting and advancing the smaller nations in its influence. Although major empires, like the Amiro Empire, were provided with knowledge and support, the focus of the LTA was on the less developed areas. Tellian emphasized the importance of literacy and academia to these areas and many teachers were sent out as part of the requirements of joining the library. They also stayed neutral in most political and religious disputes, a factor that made them being seen as critical negotiators between feuding factions.

The Organization of the Second Library of Technological Advances

Following the inspiration of the democratic Tvintiir State, Tellian organized the LTA to be run by elected lecturers. Elections were held every five years and each candidate was thoroughly investigated both beforehand and afterwards to ensure that they were not profiteering from their position.

There were only three positions of power in the second LTA, forming the council of three. One controlled the course of the academy, leading the research and funding for the students and lecturers. One controlled the settlement and city, determining the logistics of the settlement. And one controlled the international relations, negotiating with foreign nations.

While these three held most of the authority in the City of Spores, other important figures included the delegate from the Circle of Hill and Dale (who helped manage the fungal growths) and the Protectors (the city's defense units).

The academy itself was split into five schools: alchemy, biology, technological advances, history, and wizardry. The schools of medicine, coal-gem research, and archaeology were all discontinued from the original LTA. The City of Spores's environment was too harsh to act as the hospital it had once been. Coal-gem research was discontinued altogether due to the dangers it possessed. Archaeology was discontinued to to how it had largely led to the collapse of the old library, bringing in artefacts of which nothing was known. The discipline was replaced by history which was deemed safer.

A New Start

Tellian's efforts in reconstructing the LTA hastened the recovery in north Tangearin. Under his leadership, airships and other constructions once again began to improve the life quality of the peasants in the region. The level of literacy and knowledge also increased, spreading even into the goliath tribes of the eastern Sandbacked Mountains. Finally, it was through his efforts that the library of the LTA was restored and is, again, one of the most valuable resources in the entirety of Tangearin. Tellian departed the LTA in 3349 AC and never again set foot within it, although his legacy remained.
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The Fungal Academy
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City of Spores
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