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Flimp Anthane McBlarn

Early Life

... It is an outrage that those with sorcerous powers are forced to hide within society. To keep our true natures hidden. To feel oppressed in the center of the very city that boasts of its democratic nature. You need to open your eyes and see exactly the sort of path you are leading Tvintiir down. Mark my words, I wont be the last to be forced from your midst.
The Tvintiir State...

Excerpt from an Article in the Gnome Sweet Gnome by Chimpanee Triff McBlarn, shortly before he was run from town 2316 AC

Flimp McBlarn was born in 2298 AC in Tvintiir as the sole child of her parents Knaz and Rondo McBlarn. Through her early years she was just like any other child, playing in the streets of Tvintiir and helping her parents with the smaller tasks in their jobs and around the house.

As she matured though it became clear that she would not be able to follow in her parent's footsteps. Knaz was a Coal-Gem technician, working on many of the more powerful artefacts around the city, and Rondo was a tinkerer, working on creating new Coal-Gem devices and optimizing their efficiency. Flimp never seemed to be able to comprehend their work, being unable to focus on those tasks and preferring the social life instead. As such, when she was 18 she got a job working in a nearby tavern, the Glitterdust Inn for Bertha Sundew.

The push to adventure

Sometimes the best decision is not to fight fate.

Proverbs of the Wise

Although her parents were not happy with Flimp's chosen profession, they reluctantly supported her decision, admitting that she did not have the capacity to follow them. This decision was reinforced just a year later. Wandering into her father's study early one morning, Flimp had the first inclination of her sorcerous capabilities. One of the small lamps that Rondo had been augmenting exploded as Flimp picked it up. The resulting fire was small, destroying only the exposed papers in the study and Flimp was able to put out the flames. However, when she turned around her father was standing there wide-eyed.

The resulting fight with her parents further alienated her and, with the climate of the Tvintiir State towards sorcerers, Flimp was forced to hide her true nature. Knaz acted, at best, distant to her after this event but Rondo, having already experienced his brother, Chimpanee, being revealed as a sorcerer was a bit more sympathetic. Still, the next few years were tough for Flimp.

It was in this time that Flimp met Maps. One day, as she was heading in to work, a patrol equipped with the new energy suits advanced from the far end of the street. Having already felt the pull of the coal-gems from their suits on previous occasions Flimp stepped out of the road and into an abandoned warehouse. As she waited for the patrol to pass she noticed the small form of a bat, its wing crushed, lying on the ground near the window. She took the bat and slowly nursed it back to health, forming a bond with the small creature that only grew stronger with her magic.

However, even Maps's company could not forever hold off the ill will of Tvintiir. Flimp, in 2324 finally left the city, hitching a ride on a caravan heading east, where she later united with the The Coal Crushers. She was just 28 years old.


Among the Coal Crushers

Rule 11: Gnomes should always stick together!

Adventuring Rules by Remi

As a member of the Coal Crushers Flimp initially hid her sorcerous powers, taking the guise of a follower of Craorloc. However, she quickly formed a bond with the party's other gnome, Remi. Through her new friendships and companions Flimp began to embrace her sorcerous powers and no longer feel the need to hide from them.

This led to an exponential increase in her capabilities, revealing her true affinity to electrical and air magic. It was this affinity that eventually led her to meet and rescue Aerosophyronos and to destroy numerous Coal-Gems that harnessed evil spirits.

Finally, with the aid of Tellian, Flimp determined the true source of Coal-Gem energy and why sorcerers had such destructive encounters with them. Using this knowledge, Flimp led the movement to rid the north of their common use.
by Arimel through Midjourney

After the Darkness in the North

It is only through purposeful ignorance that the true nature of coal-gems has not been revealed earlier. Any astute observer noticing both the type of magic contained within them and their magical surges in proximity to sorcerers should have at least suspected that their energy source was based on a life force. The original developers of this science bear direct responsibility for the fallout and destruction of Tvintiir. Their own delusions were their downfall.

Opening statement of
The storm within us –
Compilations of the writing

of Chimpanee Triff McBlarn by F. A. McBlarn

In the years following the defeat of Arcalturn Flimp joined Remi and Tyr in piecing back together the shards of the Stonebrook Dynasty and were instrumental in re-founding the Second Stonebrook Dynasty. Together the three of them managed to provide shelters and food for those left homeless and distraught from the wars that had been raging. Once stability was returned, Flimp settled down in the Leaf and Lightning Tavern.

During the next few decades Flimp spent her time speaking out against Coal-Gems and publishing numerous books including:
  • The storm within us – Compilations of the writing of Chimpanee Triff McBlarn
  • Adventuring Rules (composed by Remona Ferndown Wellwater but published by Flimp)
  • Walking on Air - dimensions beyond the ground
The Leaf and Lightning by Arimel using Midjourney
However, what Flimp would probably name as her crowning achievement was, in 2378 AC, when she was 81 years old, she finally managed to compile a spell that would allow her to safely reach the higher dimensions. Through this spell she travelled with Aerosophyronos to the Circle of Air in the inner elemental bound. Flimp only ever wrote one work recording this adventure (Walking on Air - mentioned above) and it was rather sparse on details. It is rumored though that she met with a lord of the air dimension and dwelt in his court for weeks and was treated with honor for her support. Whether these rumors are true or not cannot be proven but, when she returned she carried the The Lightning Pendant, a necklace that is said to hold the heart of a storm.

Death and Legacy

When all knowledge fails, all that is left is instinct.

Proverbs of the Wise

Flimp passed away in 2439 AC at the age of 142 years old. Maps, however, lived on past his mistress, the magic that had protected him for years, the blessing of Craorloc herself, granting him additional life and strength. After Flimp's death, the blessing came to fruition. Maps grew to enormous proportions, nearly the size of a horse, and flew west into the heart of Blue Star Cave, becoming the first of the Bats of the Storm Surge Sea, a race of giant bats that protected the surrounding region for centuries to follow. It is said to be good luck to see one of these bats cresting the night sky.
by Arimel using Midjourney

There's a throne of skulls!! of course we're all gonna die!
[said within the Hall of Names]

~ Flimp McBlarn in Records of the Great
Author Unknown




Towards Flimp Anthane McBlarn


Flimp Anthane McBlarn


Towards Aerosophyronos


Flimp Anthane McBlarn

Friend (Vital)

Towards Remona Ferndown Wellwater



Remona Ferndown Wellwater

Friend (Vital)

Towards Flimp Anthane McBlarn



Important Family
Mom: Knaz Fizzlebang McBlarn
Dad: Rondo Rumbuckle McBlarn
Uncle: Chimpanee Triff McBlarn
Mapknuckle Herble Bingles (Maps for short)
Current Location
2297 AC 2439 AC 142 years old
Current Residence
Draped in a purple coat with long curly hair and numerous baubles tied about her person
Ruled Locations
Major acts as a member of the Coal Crushers
  • Set Aerosophyronos free from its earthen prison
  • Acted as a seer of Craorloc, at one point even embodying her avatar
  • Forced undead opposition to aid the party
Material | Oct 26, 2022

A source of power but at what cost?

Articles under Flimp Anthane McBlarn

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