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The Lightning Pendant

The pendant, formed of linked steel rings, contains the very essence of a storm within its central gem. That gem alone, broken by the wrong hands, could destroy a continent.

Excerpt from Offworld Artefacts
by Drueld Sliver

The Lightning Pendant is a legendary artefact last known to be possessed by Flimp Anthane McBlarn. Acquired during her travels to the Circle of Air, the Lightning Pendant contains a strong affinity with the storms and electrical energy present in that domain. It has been said and, occasionally, even witnessed to have power over the sky, capable of summoning storms and lightning out of thin air.

Additionally, it is known that the pendant provides the wearer with a direct connection to the Circle of Air, making travel to the plane easier to perform.


The item is composed of a ring of silver loops forming a heavy necklace. Upon this hangs a single sapphire. When viewed closely, the interior of the sapphire is seen to not be a gem at all but rather a container for a vast storm that gives the pendant its power. Some believe that this storm is not a trapped elemental as has been claimed but instead a direct link to the Circle of Air. When one looks into the gem one sees a different world altogether.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Creation Date
2379 AC
Current Location
Current Holder
One of a kind
Base Price


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