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Leaf and Lightning Tavern

All of the quotes attributed to Flimp Anthane McBlarn in this article were supplied by one of my players as part of a larger piece and I am reusing them with permission. Also, credit for most of the creative elements belong to two of my players who are responsible for the tavern's creation. 
... the young adventurer started towards the tavern nearby. It was an inviting building bathed in evening light with plants growing from seemingly every crevice, and a hand-carved sign depicting its name hanging over the door, ‘The Leaf and Lightning’.

Excerpt from Adventures of the High Moon
by Flimp Anthane McBlarn

Nestled in a small valley near the Sands of Ill-Dreams and the valley previously occupied by the The Lord of Oak, the Leaf and Lightning is a tavern managed by the remnants of the Coal Crushers. It is well known in the surrounding region, so well known that a small village grew up alongside it shortly after its initial founding.


The interior was welcoming after the long road and the owners were very friendly, quickly offering rooms and food, to a stranger they did not know and had never met.

Nucian's travel notes

The first view of the tavern is that of a cozy wooden building that has been completely overtaken by the forest. Trees grow alongside the building, shading it from above and moss can be found in every nook and crack. Flowers of every kind decorate the path leading up to the building and fill the yard with sweet perfumes.

Entering the tavern is no escape from the exterior nature. The floor is a thick layer of moss. Several trees grow out of the tavern's floor and disappear into the ceiling where they support the upper levels.

Despite this though the insides are quite appeasing. The moss underfoot is also surprisingly comfortable, being warm to the touch and quickly removing the aches of even the weariest traveler's foot. Several tables and a bar have been situated in the downstairs
The Leaf and Lightning by Arimel using Midjourney
level and multiple paintings, many of giant storms or skyscapes, adorn the walls. Even on the coldest of days the windows remain open to allow the wind passage, although the cold itself seems to find no entrance.

A single painting stands out from the others though, hanging prominently over the bar: a group of four people (two gnomes, a goliath, and a kobold) sitting around a campfire laughing, a tribute to their friendship and the glories of the Coal Crushers.  


By the side door, the adventurer was surprised to see a kobold making a delivery, pulling more jars and vials of varying colors than should fit from his bag; the only obvious contents being the only seasoning anyone in northern Tangearin used.

Excerpt from Adventures of the High Moon
by Flimp Anthane McBlarn

The Leaf and Lightning is known far and wide for its inventive menu. Being well connected to the The Second Library of Technological Advancements and Tellian Waywocket, they have access to many of the rarer ingredients and more potent flavorings produced in the City of Spores. This alone would attract cuisine experts from all around but the uniqueness goes further than just the spices. The very choice of food combinations is unique, many of which is said to be inspired by the adventures and creatures the Coal Crushers faced in their youth. This may explain many of their inside jokes, such as, how the pepper and salt are both labelled 'Charles' and why some dishes, like Scorpion Steaks, are imported across such long distances.

The Tellian

Named after Tellian Waywocket, a scientist known for his potions and mad concoctions, the Tellian does him justice. It is a swirling cocktail capable of crippling even the staunchest dwarf. The ingredients for this cocktail have never been made public, being kept as an establishment secret, but no two are identical. Some whisper of magic being present in its creation.
The Lucian / Glucian

This drink, no matter what varient is purchased, appears identical: a slightly translucent silver liquid. It is sweet and has a metallic tang but is very smooth, having a consistency similar to a milkshake's. However, there is a huge alcohol difference. The true Lucian is strong enough to wipe out most drinkers after their third dose while the plainness of the Glucian, the non-alcoholic varient, becomes apparent immediately.
by Arimel using Midjourney
Fire Bacon

Appearing as a normal piece of bacon, it is only after the first bite (or rub of the eyes) that your mistake is known. The meat is imbued with spices that, almost literally, light the mouth on fire. It is a common challenge in the tavern to see how many consecutive pieces can be eaten as the heat builds with each bite.
The Tarrasque

Named after the mythical legend of old, this salad is said to be the only meal capable of appeasing its hunger. Composed primarily of cabbage and carrots, the establishment claims that if the salad is offered in the right conditions, even the hunger of the Tarrasque will be appeased and send it back to sleep. The salad, although never tested on the Tarrasque in living memory, does have the desired effect on the patrons who test it.
by Arimel using Midjourney
The Mighty Tyr

Aptly named after the great warrior Tyr Æsir, this platter of food is large enough to daunt the hungriest of travelers. It is so large that the establishment will completely refund the adventurer that manages to finish the platter (with no magic trickery!) within an hour. It is primarily composed of meats and cheeses but some vegetables also are present.
The Flying Feast

This dish is composed of an assortment of fruit, vegetables, and bugs. This is then coated in a thick syrupy sauce. Most adventurers, once they realize what this salad is composed of, turn up their nose but, to a bat, this is a feast worthy of boasting.  
by Arimel using Midjourney
by Arimel using Midjourney

Once night had fallen, the adventurer headed out with a quest on the brain and spotted two bats above the building; flying in circles, playing, and doing tricks for each other, silhouetted against the full moon as a solitary howl could be heard in the distance.

Excerpt from Adventures of the High Moon
by Flimp Anthane McBlarn
Founding Date
2334 AC
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
Characters in Location
The Coal Crushers
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The Animal Farm

The Leaf and Lightning is also unique due to its animal shelter. Run by the esteemed Benji, the shelter is composed of a series of large barns. Within them, at any time, could be found creatures ranging from rabbits, to birds, to deer, to the giant stag hares of the south. Benji is always willing to take in sickened animals and shelter them until they are back to their full health. Supporting Benji are a number of other animals, mostly other hounds, who he had previously treated or were awakened like he was and choose to support him in his endeavors.

As such, the Leaf and Lightning is a hub for animal healing. Caravans go out of there way to pass the Leaf and Lightning for Benji inspects all the animals free of charge and it is said that the blessing of nature itself resides with those he treats.

Heaven Scent

The inn also hosts its own fortnightly dating show, centered around Benji. Started by an especially awkward suiter shortly after the tavern was constructed, the show was quickly promoted by Remi for Benji's benefit as, being both a knight and highly intelligent dog, he is a very eligible bachelor.

Cover image: by Arimel using Midjourney


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