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Watchtower of Garl Grock

Where forest and glade stand strong,
and on the river stretching long,
it is here that the goblins throng,
where Garl Grock's power does belong,
where Garl Grock's power does belong.
Farming, hunting, and fishing all day,
for strength and plenty do we pray,
on the intruders do we prey,
for its Garl Grock's power we portray,
for its Garl Grock's power we portray.
When trouble and strife all press near,
and for our life we start to fear,
to the tower of stone do we steer,
for Garl Grock's power there is clear,
for Garl Grock's power there is clear.
In the walls of brick and stone,
from the cliff where it was grown,
there shall we keep our own,
there Garl Grock's power will be shown,
there Garl Grock's power will be shown.
Short excerpt from the marching

chants of the Garnog Goblins
  The Garl Grock marching chants provide one of the best sources for how the site's denizens feel. Garl Grock is an image of power to the tribe and the center of their culture. It is here that they gather for the major celebrations, like the feast of the first brew and the forest dance, and that their administration is run from.   The tower depicted in their chants stands nearly four stories tall but it blends in near perfectly with the trees that have been cultivated around the structure. Vines drape down the stone walls, linking the tower almost seamlessly into the surrounding forest. This makes the tower near invisible to the outside world, unless one knows what to look for.   On its lower levels, Garl Grock is ablaze with colors. Reds, yellows, greens, and blues banners are unfurled from the windows and spires falling down to the squatter structures built in the lower levels of the trees and forest floor. Particularly in the spring when the flowers are blooming, this gives the tower a majestic and fresh feel reflected in many Goblin ballads.    
... among the sites to be abandoned are Redsand village, Whitefall Outpost, Gardden Outpost, the Darnal Bridge ...  
From a transcript from the   Durgord Court, 2313
  Garl Grock was originally known as Gardden Outpost. The Gardden Outpost was built by the Durgord Kingdom in 2211 AC, just after the kingdom occupied the Darnal Valley, to defend against the Goblins marauding to the northeast of the valley. It was the dwarven architecture technology that has allowed the building to survive through the years since then relatively unharmed.   In 2313 AC, after the major earthquake shook the entirety of the valley and crippled the kingdom the Dwarves pulled out of the Darnal Valley, abandoning the Gardden Outpost. Then, in 2317 AC, the goblins occupied the tower and built their tribe (the Garnog tribe) around its foundation.
Founding Date
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Gardden Outpost
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