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The path between mount Vernon and Mount Allerg follows Pentview Ridge. This section of the journey needs to be taken with extreme caution as, resting on the glacier beneath the ridge lies Ispjutar. The barbarous goliaths that inhabit that fell town would happily roast you on a spit and make jam from your eyes, a true tribute to their giant heritage.

Hiking the Sandbacked Mountains
by Sintar Wanderloose

Ispjutar lies on the eastern side of the Sandbacked mountains in a valley leading down into the Storm Surge Sea. The town itself is situated about five kilometers from the waters on a spur of a glacier that descends from higher up the mountains and is populated by Goliaths.


The mother ship is the shelter of the family. Within its bulk one is always safe.

Old Goliath rhetoric

In the Goliath culture surrounding Ispjutar, the ship is everything. As such, it is not surprising that their city is also composed of their ships. When they first landed, Glildig the Storm was the first to drag his family's ship over ten kilometers from the valley's deep water entrance up the winding path to the glacier. Once there he flipped his ship over so that the hull protected from the elements and converted the insides to function in its new state. Other goliaths followed his example and the village grew, formed from dozens of upside down ships with masts and other rigging stored carefully to the side.

Despite the move inland though, the goliaths remain a naval people. Their ships, although landlocked while in the city, are still seaworthy and there are numerous occasions where one or all will be pulled back down to the sea to raid the surroundings. When the whole fleet sets sail it is a terror to every ship in their path.
Ships being pulled up the glacier by Arimel using Midjourney



Locations within the village

The goliath construction is crude but the natural beauty of the area stuns.

Elnuin Greentree

The mobile capabilities of the settlement results in few permanent structures. There are a couple of more outgoing families that have converted parts of their ships into small taverns but most of the community activities and revelry occurs at the firepit. The firepit is a huge brazier near the center of the settlement that is kept continually burning and can be seen from miles.

In the center of the village is the Greenfrost. Believed to be an aspect of the Tree of Life, the Greenfrost is a giant conifer with snow-white needles that are themselves as sharp as knives and used for many of the domestic duties around the village. The trunk of the tree is as broad as a grown goliath's girth and its upper boughs are nearly 70ft high. When a sea breeze reaches the tree one can almost hear the chants of the ancient sea chanties echoing through the town.
Location under
Glildig the Storm


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