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Vidar Æsir

Although he may never admit it, my son gained the best of the Aesir qualities. He will renew our tribes to greatness.

Tyr Aesir

Vidar Æsir was born to Tyr and Freya Æsir in 2299 AC. When he was six Tyr was challenged to single combat by Sqyll and was purportedly killed in the combat (although he survived, it would be over 20 years before Vidar found out the truth). Following Tyr's death, Vidar and the Aesir family were subjected to humiliation by Sqyll. He subjected them to almost slave status where they scraped by an existence.

All I can clearly remember was the cold...

  Vidar teenage years were a blur. He was trained in weapons and subjected to the normal skills befitting a warrior. However, he was never free from Sqyll. Sqyll through Garlo Greenblood, kept both Vidar and Freya wrapped in controlling magic, ensuring that they never had the opportunity to challenge his authority.

  However, when Vidar was 26 years old the magic over him broke. He was sitting on a bluff over looking Isspjutar when he awoke. Beside him stood an elderly Goliath, clad in white. Through him Vidar knew he could return balance to the tribe and right the wrong started by Sqyll.

And so I was that I awoke from one bad dream and entered another.

  Vidar had awoken on the eve of battle. The tribe set out with Vidar second in command, still supposedly under the controlling magic, to conquer the Stonebrook Dynasty and found the kingdom of the Skull. Together they successfully managed to conquer Granfol and Vidar was outraged at the blood shed by his people. Everyone was slaughter, man, woman, child. Even King Redtree fell in the retreat that became a rout.

  It was at that moment that Vidar determined his path. He gathered together his five oldest and closest friends, the only ones who stayed with him in his decent from popularity, and set a quest upon them, to end the bloodshed and save their race. One was sent east to warn and guard the surrounding cities of the fate that was coming to them. It was through this warning that Belladoro Warminster managed to set up a strong enough bulwark to withstand the Goliath force sent their way.

  Vidar however remained with Sqyll and, during their next engagement at Four Falls, defected with his friends to the Stonebrook Dynasty. It was through his efforts that they managed to rescue the queens and the city's youth over the mountains and down to Flag Fen.

When I saw him standing there, as regal as when I had last seen him, I knew the time foreseen had come.

  When Vidar again had to flee Flag Fen, seeking refuge in the Tvintiir State, he was harassed across the Sands of Ill-Dreams. It was just as he was being overtaken, in a place he had long foreseen and suspected as his death, he had encountered his father. Together, the two of them with the rest of the The Coal Crushers managed to defeat Sqyll and Garlo.

As we have sewn evil, so shall we sew good.

  Following the defeat of Sqyll and the Cult of the Black Bone Vidar led the surviving goliaths back into the heart of the Stonebrook Dynasty. He led them in aiding to rebuild the dynasty and right some of the wrongs they caused. A year after the fateful battle, under the Tree of Life in Ispjutar, Tyr transferred to him the position of Chieftan.   Vidar went down in the history of the goliaths as the peacemaker. Under his leadership many of them gained literacy and the waters surrounding them were more peaceful then ever before.
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Tyr Æsir
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