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Tyr Æsir

Full credit for this article goes to @Aethar 
Hello, my name is tyr aesir and i was told ta write somfing by tellians for a book. I'm stil learning so sory if its haard to red.

I was born in isspjutar were tha best goliaths live, it's a bit cold butt quite nice once u get used to it. Also there's dis rely cool tree there, I remember pledging to it wen I was young freja used 2 tel me that it is rely important butt I'm not quite sur y. anyway I thinc my childhood was pretty good, I learnt how ta swing an axe pretty good and my old man was chieftan so I always ate pretty good food. in tha summer we wood often go raiding, it was fun although I didnt understand how much it hurt other peeple bak then. I feel bad so try to help rebuild lots of homes now wen my bak is ok. It was on a raid wen my old man kicked tha botte and I became chieftan.

  soon after butt not that soon I geuss me and freja wer married. U hav never seen such a beautiful goliath, she was smart cood do nature magic and stil had tha time and patience for me. I didnt deserve her, I stil dont. A few years past and vidar  was born, thirteen pounds at birth!

  from that moment forward me knew wat my dedications wer and to whom they wer toward. Me spent al my waking hours dooing everything me cood for them. butt it came at a price, I neglected my dutys and soon enough a cooo had taken place. Skol lead a rebellion agaisnt me and challenged me 2 a holmganga or duel I thinc they r called. I lost. Next thing I knew I was at tha bottom of a mountain far from home. I tried to find my way bak butt couldn't and so wandered, lost, killed som big ants and then som big snakes. There was dis troll I had ta run from tho, he was in a cave. Wat else... o yeh there was a sea I sailed acccrosss then I killed som big birds they wer annoying. tha horse peeple wer nice though butt tha desert after wasn's so nice. After a bit I got a job lifting boxes butt that bissniss got destroyed so I joined a strange bunch of peeple that destroyed that bissniss and followwed them around. They wer nice. 1 sparky gnome, another very enthusiastic gnome with a dog called benji, a scaly dude with som fancy cocktails, a broody butt useful fellow with axes he seemed to alwys throw away, not sur y u wood throw them butt o wel and another broody elf hoo honestly was jus tha worst, never ever ever met a worse person ever ever, couldn't even climb a ladder if he tried. Anyway we walked a bit, tha elf was acctually not and elf butt then was an elf butt wasnt that elf and then we went to prison in amiro and then broke out found a dragon foot, destroyed tvintir, killed an ainchant skellyton king that was liek a god or somfing, o and vidar was stil alive! I am so proud to se tha goliath he has become although he brought tha solemn news abbout freja passing. I hope she died in battle and I can meet her again wen I head on to valhalla, I suspect it won't b long now...

dis is probably enough rite tellian?

ok wel I tried my best hope whoever reads dis has a nice day :)


Excerpt from A record of the events leading to the fall of Tvintiir
Prof. Tellian Waywocket
See page XVI for the clarified version
2243 AC 2339 AC 96 years old
Major acts as a member of the Coal Crushers
  • Defeated Skqll in single combat
  • Saved future Queen Rosalinda Homestead Alvaster
  • Stood toe to toe with the avatar of the ancient one
The Coal Crushers
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