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Tellian Waywocket

Early Life

... Among the items I have collected in my travels through the Storm Roc Mountains is an egg of extraordinary size that gleams with a coppery sheen. I immediately purchased it at an excessive price as I was certain that its origins would be of vast interest to you. Should you wish, I will bring it with me the next time I pass through Tvintiir. ...

A missive from Brendoridil Entlemittle to
Antori Sparkledust of the Library of Technological Advances

Tellian grew up in Tvintiir. He was first delivered to the city in 2291 AC by a travelling member of the Library of Technological Advances (LTA). The unique nature of kobold eggs on the continent of Tangearin sparked a study on the growth and development of kobolds.

Tellian hatched in 2292 AC and was placed under the care of Virra and Cecil Waywocket and their son, Alvyn. Tellian was raised in typical gnome fashion in Tvintiir. None of the academics could provide extensive insights into his ancestry and, ultimately, this did not bother him much. He instead spent his time studying. Although his family, being lecturers in the LTA, provided him with an above average education from an early age it was soon proven that alchemy was his forte. His experiments in the subject were almost legendary across the campus and got the alchemy school quarantined on numerous occasions. He also might have been connected with the sealing of the libraries theatre after a cure for athlete's foot went terribly wrong.
by Arimel through Midjourney

Becoming a Coal Crusher

To dust and ashes did they fall,
Zarcolith the great took them all,
far afield have we fled,
preserved in ice all we had.
Now we wait for home's return,
when the child of Erglonish of us learns.

Prophecies of the Dragons, a Translation
by Professor Tellian Waywocket
As Tellian aged he excelled in his studies. Shortly after graduating, he began to change course though. He began to question his ancestry. He left Tvintiir in search for answers to his past. Shortly after leaving he ran into the other members of the Coal Crushers and was, shortly, diverted from his quest.

However, on his journeys with them they ventured south into the jungles near the Storm Dam Mountains. It was here that he came across the ruins of an older civilization and, nestled over it, the remains of a kobold nest. Only three other eggs survived, protected in a magma chamber, along with a prophecy foretelling of a return home.

Although he left the eggs as he found them, he would later return to fulfill the prophecy and bring the remnants of the kobolds back to Highdranus.

After the Darkness in the North

Following the defeat of Arcalturn and the Ancient one and the destruction of the Tvintiir State and Stonebrook Dynasty, Tellian was instrumental in rebuilding the northern kingdoms. He began by aiding in rebuilding settlements and supporting the surviving heirs to the Stonebrook Dynasty's throne and Vidar of the goliath tribes. However, in 2328 he returned to the ruins of Tvintiir.

Tellian, using his knowledge of alchemy and support from Remona Ferndown Wellwater, managed to carve out a habitable space in the fungus that was covering the ruins. He then used the properties of the fungus, particularly in how it reacts to heat, to create artefacts capable of harnessing the energy it produced. His work culminated in the Spore Engine , an item that was used to power machines as large as airships.

Tellian also re-established the Library of Technological Advancements. He led the academic organization as it went about gathering the literary sources to repopulate the library. His historical research revolved around Arcalturn and the Cult of the Black Bones, hoping to find a way to learn about and, ultimately, defeat the organization that had brought so much destruction to the north.
by Arimel through Midjourney

Finally, in 2348 AC, Tellian travelled back into the Amiro Empire and collected the kobold eggs that had remained hidden. With them in his possession and a small crew of constructs he set off in an airship across the Storm Surge Sea in search of Highdranus and his father Erglonish. He never again set foot on Tangearin.
  "It tickled."
[in reference to a nearly successful mindflayer's attack]

~ Tellian Waywocket in Records of the Great
Author Unknown
2292 AC 2378 AC 86 years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Copper scales
Founded Settlements
Major acts as a member of the Coal Crushers
  • Determined the source to Coal-Gem power
  • Saved the Coal Crushers by defeating Gargolinish in his skeletal dragon warship
  • Saved the copper Kobold race
Spore Engine
Item | Oct 13, 2022

An engine that uses growing fungal spores to create power

City of Spores
Settlement | Nov 18, 2022

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