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Spore Engine

The first spore engine was created by Tellian Waywocket in 2332 ac, building off of the fungal growths found in the City of Spores. This device, while initially designed to provide lighting for the city, soon grew in complexity and power until it could power an entire airship. This...

Excerpt from Allanor's
History of Orlos

Simplified Mechanics

The engine uses trace elements of the spores that can be found throughout the City of Spores. When these spores and fungi are set in proximity to heat they grow exponentially, creating matter that can be burned to make energy. The spore engine works through harnessing the energy released by the expanding spores and channeling it through magical conductors into batteries. These batteries can then both store and transfer the energy further to power devices.

The design for the wires and storage of the energy was based on the technology that Tellian Waywocket discovered in a fortress from before the chaos and the manner in which Coal-Gems were used to channel energy. The device centers on the fires that induce the spores to release their energy. When initially starting the engines, a person with magical capabilities feeds their energy to jump start the engine. After the engine is running, it will slowly increase in speed and sustain itself. Most spore engines can safely run for several days before needing to cool down. The material used in creating the fire chamber can greatly increase or decrease this period though, with adamantine being one of the best materials.


The spore engine is a metallic device that has numerous tubes and magical sensors attached to it. Its central chamber, generally composed of either adamantine or blue-ice infused iron, contains the central fires. This chamber is connected to the seeding capsule at the bottom which holds a small fungal specimen used to release the spores. At the top of the engine is a small tube to allow excess heat and spores to escape, an element that can release clouds of multicolored clouds.

On the outside of the central capsule there are several gauges that allow the fire pressure and temperature to be monitored. These are then connecting to the wiring that transports the energy from within the chamber to the points it is needed.
For the unknowledged, the spore engine must seem like a vast web of interconnecting lines and magic. However, the chemistry of the device is actually quite elementary.

Excerpt from notes by Tellian Waywocket
Item type
Electronic / Cybernetic
Creation Date
2332 AC
Current Location
Only found in the City of Spores
Base Price

Cover image: by Tim Mossholder


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