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Cult of the Black Bones

This is a secret cult that is spread throughout Tangearin. Using power from relics from the ancient past, they seek to bring about a third wave of life on Orlos.


This is a very loosely spread cult. There is no single leader, just individuals who have influence in their regions. Sometimes this results in two groups who work contrary to each other with different end goals. In situations like this, inter-cult warfare may develop with devastating results on the locals.


The Cult of the Black Bones has many secret bases scattered across Tangearin. These act as areas of operation for the local leaders. They also manage to aquire funds from many of the noble families in the Amiro empire who wish to stir problems with their surrounding neighbors. In the more remote areas they have less influence though.
Founding Date
Around 300 AC
Religious, Cult
Controlled Territories
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