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Orlo's Hand

A bare hilltop overlooking the Darnal Valley. 6 pitch black pillars of bone rise from the hilltop like fingers reaching for the skies.


Orlo's hand is located on a hill top near the center of the Darnal Valley. Although all of the surrounding landscape is forested, the top of this hill is devoid of even the smallest moss or blade of grass. No life survives here for long. This hilltop provides a reasonable view over the majority of the valley. The hill is thought to have formed during the retreat of the mountain glaciers, depositing the large quantities of stones to form the mound. The bony protrusions however are of unknown origins. Some say they are the bones of the long lost creator races, others say a war monument to honor those fallen in battle, and still others say that a vast dragon died there and was buried with his single claw outstretched towards the sky.   After the Battle of Orlo's Hill in 1647, several passages were found within the hilltop. At the time, these were in use by the Cult of the Black Bone and supposedly collapsed after the spirit of the bones were defeated. While many groups have come to investigate these stones since this time, nothing has been reported as found.
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Elgron's hope, Hands of stone, Blood Peak, Hill of Testing, Black Bone Hill
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