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"There were barely any buildings in sight. Trees everywhere. Unbelievable that people would try to scrape a living out of such an empty piece of land. I was glad to see my caravan swiftly leave it behind."
Elgor Broadblade


Genders Male: 11 Female: 10 Child 0-10: 3 Child 11-16: 2   Races: Human: 13 Halfling: 6 Elf: 6 Gnome: 1   Professions: Farmer: 50% Hunter: 8% Forester (hunter/logger): 30% Weaver: 4% Other: 8%


A single rickety Ranger outpost is located in the clearing. It is a more of a lookout post then an actual defense but has been used as an archery platform in past raids by orcs.

Industry & Trade

-Farming: selling produce, especially to nearby Loggerton but also to traders who occasionally pass through. -Hunting: Selling meat, furs, wild vegetation at markets or in Loggerton or to traders. -Weaving: A couple of sheep are kept but a few of the families, allowing them to produce woven goods for the village. Very little is left over to sell though.


Oakvill consists of log cabins set in among the trees alongside the Darnal Valley River. The center of the hamlet is a clearing where markets are occasionally held. The center clearing also has a well and a rickety wooden platform for use by the scouts in an attack. The cabins themselves are constructed from felled logs with thatched roofs. Most of them are set back from the road and clearing with their fields directly alongside them.


There is a market once a week, held in the central clearing. At the market hunted materials, farm goods, and woven products are available.

Guilds and Factions

Caravaner's Guild use the road to pass through but seldom do they stop in Oakvill for more then a night.   Rangers: The rangers use the town as a relay stop and keep a single sentry posted here. The sentry is supported by taxes paid by the villagers.


Log cabins. The buildings themselves are very secure, with thick walls of logs and thatched roofs to withstand the weather. Cobble stone walls overgrown with ivy and moss sometimes separate different plots of land.

Natural Resources

Wood, Sheep, Farmland, Hunted goods
~25 people
Location under


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