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"At that time, the were no other buildings on the shore of the Red Lake. There was just me, the water, and the trees."  
Eric Strongoak, reflecting on the time
before Loggerton was founded
Loggerton Town by Arimel
  Loggerton is a settlement of about 170 people, making it the largest settlement in the Darnal Valley. It is situated along the Darnal Road at the point where the Darnal River feeds into the Red Lake. Primarily filled with timber buildings holding thatched rooves, it is a friendly rural town.     Loggerton was found in 2189 AC by Eric Strongoak who built the first bridge over the Darnal River and charged a toll for the travelers passing through. Loggerton’s position halfway between the Dùrgord Kingdom and the Thaldorian Kingdom made it slowly grow, particularly as the roads became easier to traverse and transport the raw materials from the town. In 2201 AC, after Strongoak’s death, the fledging settlement was taken under the Dùrgord Kingdom as it expanding into the Darnal Valley. This hastened the town’s growth as ore excavated in the dwarven mines was transported through the town to the west. In 2313 AC a major earthquake shook the whole region, destroying most of the dwarven mines in the valley and flattening over half of Loggerton. The Dùrgord Kingdom and most of the town’s dwarven occupants then retreated out of the valley, once again leaving the village to fend for itself. The remaining population of Loggerton was primarily a mix of humans, elves, and halflings, although there are a few other minority groups. Since this point, the town has been slowly growing as trade increases along the Darnal Road.     The town currently has three distinct districts, each connected to the central market square. The fishing district, located along the lake edge is composed of several large docks built out into the lake itself. During the dry season the docks could stand a meter or two above the water level though, in the wet season, this could change to be almost even with the docks. On only a few occasions have the docks been completely flooded. The fisher hovels are located on the shore adjacent to the docks. This is generally regarded as the seediest district of the town.   The Guild district is located on the southeastern end of the city and contains many of the towns richer establishments including Eric’s Smithy, the Ranger’s compound, the Logging Guild, and the Caravaner's Guild.   The residential district is located on the northern end of the town and is where most of the farmers of the fields surrounding the town reside. This district also includes several smaller shops and the Red Oak Inn.   At the center of Loggerton is its market. While some venders can be found here every day, a larger, weekly, market is held on Orlosdir. Many goods can be purchased in the market on this day including (but not limited to):   • Wood (generally large shipments which are purchased by people in the Amiro Empire)   • Ice contracts (these are generally negotiated in the year prior to delivery)   • Farmed goods (wheat, oats, corn, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, mutton, beef etc.)   • Fish caught in the Darnal River and the Red Lake   • Game products (pelts, meat, bone objects (combs, pins), antlers)   • Simple ceramics and iron worked objects   Despite being the largest town in the Darnal Valley, Loggerton does not have substantial defenses. The old dwarven bridge has a stone tower beside it that was originally used to guard the crossing but has fallen into disrepair. Besides this, there is the Ranger’s camp which, while also undefended, is where the Rangers responsible for the protection of Loggerton tend to the found. Many of the villagers have put minor defenses on their own properties, particularly those on the town’s edges.   A final part of the town, on the far side of the Darnal River, is a trash disposal area. It is here, rather than in the river, where the town’s refuse is delivered.     Loggerton is governed by its council composed of the Mayor, Treasurer, and Ranger. Together, these three people ensure that the town’s infrastructure remains in good repair and all problems, between residents in the Darnal Valley and including those outside the valley, are peacefully resolved. In general, the Treasurer and Mayor positions tend to just be titles, with little actual authority attached to them. The government, unlike the more influential guilds, does not have a large effect on the everyday life of most people.   The Caravaner’s Guild is the most influential group within Loggerton. It dictates the days when trade will occur and most of the town’s profits are brought in on the Caravaner’s wagons. Their connections with the Amiro Empire also ensures that they have plenty of finance and powerful allies should someone oppose them or try to compete with them.   The Ice Cutter's Guild is another important group in Loggerton, working closely with the Caravanner’s Guild. Primarily they are active during the winter and spring months but supplies are being run up to their camp alongside the Blue Ice Lake at all times during the year.
A town neatly placed in the middle of the Darnal Valley alongside the river and the Red Lake.
~170 people
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