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Martof Mines

Mines originally belonging to the Durgord empire but abandoned after the massive earthquake of 2313.

Purpose / Function

The Martof mines, run by the dwarven family by the same name, were iron mines. A decent sized vein of iron ran in the mine's location. Additionally, a nearby stream and coal vein (in addition to the timber from the forest) allowed the iron to be worked right on the site. While the mining operation here was not large, it was not small either and in general around 50 people, predominantly dwarves, could be found at the site at any given time.


Originally opened in 2209, the mines continually expanded. The outside of the mines had a slight clearing surrounded by housing and a smithy. The 2313 earthquake that destroyed the mine collapsed most of these buildings but a few partial ruins may still remain. While access to the deeper layers of the mines have been obstructed, some theorize that if the rocks were shifted slightly they may be reopened and have survived. A few of the tunnels still survive though.
Parent Location


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