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The Defiant Salmon Inn

"The Defiant Salmon is a typical inn. It has decent ale, moderately clean beds, and plenty of stable room. The name, however, is a mystery. Why on earth a salmon? During the entire stay, I never once saw a salmon but I highly recommend the beast stew. It was excellent --- Lars Angor, dwarven mercenary.  
Originally just a simple inn on a small outcropping of land along the trade route through the valley, the Defiant Salmon has developed into a center of trade for the surrounding area. Although it has no defenses built into it, the position on the top of the hill and the winding road to reach it places it in a prominent position for anyone passing by and in a defensible location to fend off the occasional orc raiders.

Key Figures

Ervill Stronggut: Halfling Inn Keeper of the Defiant Salmon The halfling greets you at the door, pointing towards hooks to hang your damp cloaks on. As you follow him across the room he is grinning and talking to you the whole time. His cheeks and stomach clearly show that he has been indulging in his own drinks as he pours you one, asking what news there is on the roads. Ervill is a very talkative halfling whose girth almost matches his height. However, he can still maneuver his way around his inn just as agilely as his daughter, Ella, in serving customers. Always a center for talk and gossip, he is one of the valley’s best sources of information.

Purpose / Function

This is a stopping point for the caravans travelling between the Amiro empire and the dwarven empire. It is also the last 'civilized' stop on the route up towards the Iced Lake. Due to the wildness of the region, it has been rather heavily fortified.


The inn stands on a rise in the land, a huge rock pile deposited by the retreating glaciers. The trees directly surrounding the rocks have been cleared away and used to construct the inn itself. The road winding up to the inn has been paved with several flat stones.   The inn itself is constructed of massive logs placed on a leveled area of the rocky hilltop. Large windows in the structure allow a large quantity of light into the structure. The inner rooms are separated by planks and the floor has also been polished to a high sheen. The main hearth in the common room is made of the hard granite common in the valley.   The windows in the building's rooms are thin and barred, allowing them to be used as arrow slits if needed. The rooftop is steep 'V' shaped with a flat walkway around the edge.   The defensive capabilities of this inn have been steadily increased over the past few years. When people ask about it, the Strong-guts always say the orcs to the north are getting bolder. Doubts linger though.
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