Orlos 2313 Earthquake
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2313 Earthquake

Geological / environmental event


A massive tremor shook the valley, dealing considerable damage.

In 2313, the entire valley and the entire region of the mountain range were shaken by a massive earthquake. While earthquakes are rather common here, this was above and beyond the normal, causing several of the hills and mountain slopes to collapse and for tunnels to cave in.   This earthquake in particular caused the retreat of the Durgord Kingship out of the lower valley, as the damage to their mines there seemed irreversible and due to a need to help relieve the strains that the earthquake caused to their other mines. This removed the protection that the dwarven armies had previously been demonstrating over the region. In the years that followed occasional spelunkers reopened the Martof Mines and extracted a few ore but they seldom stayed for long. Now the mines remain empty.

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