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Four Falls

This city was one of the most beautiful places I ever visited in my travels. Nestled in a valley at the junction of four mountain falls, a constant golden mist enshrouds the town, giving it a near otherworldly appearance. The falls themselves have been shaped and the stones tune to provide a constant music that calms the ears and the spirit. The rivers pass beneath the hundreds of bridges within the city before entering the sea, their beds consisting of skillfully arranged river pebbles that give it rainbow hues as the water runs along.

The buildings reflect both the Redtree's stone forests and the Alvaster's wooden complexes. Giant trees of marble, some white, some pink, some as golden as the mist itself rise into the sky, their canopies containing the mists and sheltering the ground from the harsher weather. The ground is covered in the wooden huts formed from the naturally tough brambles of the Sandbacked Mountains that have been woven and grown into elegant patterns and architecture and enchanted to grow flowers of every hue. 

Altogether, the single word to describe the place is colors. 

Commentary from
Elvira Ferndown Wellwater,
Gnomish adventurer


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Cover image: by Jeb Buchman


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