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Blue Star Cave

Blue Star Cave is inaccessible to the normal travelers but it is the home of a unique type of bat.


Even the boldest of travelers steer clear of the cave - its evil blue glow hints of the sicknesses it contains.

Excerpt from Hiking the Sandbacked Mountains
by Sintar Wanderloose

Blue Star Cave is located high within the Northeaster stretch of the Sandbacked Mountains. Its only entrance is situated within the cliff of a glacier several hundred feet over the ground, making it accessible only by flight or after a long climb. The roof of the cave is composed of blue ice while the floor is primarily an ice slide covered in bat droppings. In the summer this can turn into a waterfall that issues out of the cliff and scatters to the winds below.

The cave is filled with nooks and crannies and a blue glow issues from the cave at all hours. During the day the sun filtering through the ice lights the ice up with a variety of colors. During the night fungal growths on the ice give off an earie flickering glow that can be seen for miles when the sky is clear.



Even the denizens of the cave carry the same flickering glow. They are the spawn of witches.

Farmer describing the
monstrousities in the cave

Blue Star cave is the home of a unique race of bats, the Bats of the Storm Surge Sea. These magnificent beasts roost deep in the cave's depths, hanging from the nooks in the roof among the icicles. It is said that they are the true source of the cave's blue glow, with the fungal growths coming from the the unique ingredients in the bat's droppings.
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