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The Second Stonebrook Dynasty

And from the hordes of the fell,
Came forth our hope I do tell,
Our future lies in his hands,
Vidar guides them safely to new lands.

Excerpt from The Ending
by Eniryn Fiddler

  The second Stonebrook Dynasty arose from the ashes of the first. When the goliaths, led by Skqll, destroyed the original monarchy a single heir, protected by Vidar Aesir, managed to escape. He led the heir away from the ruins of Four Falls and managed to keep him alive through the carnage that followed.



The damage and loss of life caused by Skqll caused a collapse of most of the old dynasty. Only a few of the cities had managed to survive but, for most of them, the new leaders that had been installed were so corrupt that it took years before any sort of unity could be drawn back together. During this time King Alevar based his new capital in Black port as it had avoided any contact with the destruction.

  King Alevar then set about aiding the refugees and others stranded by the damage. With the aid of Remona Ferndown Wellwater, Flimp Anthane McBlarn, and Tyr Æsir he managed to create temporary structures to house and feed the refugees. They then set about rebuilding the kingdom one city at a time, beginning with Ausid, honoring Lord Greenlake who fell in battle fighting against Skqll. Once the Library of Technological Advancements LTA was refounded under Tellian Waywocket, academics and teachers were sent out into the dynasty to aid in the development of the people.



  The organization of the dynasty remained the same as it's original. A cousin of the elven monarchs was brought in as the co-ruler to rebalance the system.

  The Stonebrook Dynasty did loose it's influence over several of it's protectorates. The City of Spores was one of these for, after it was reclaimed by Tellian, it remained independent. However, for the first time in centuries the two nations were at peace and mutually supported each other.

  They also maintained a good relationship to the Circle of Hill and Dale through Remi. Agreements were put in place to protect key valley's from logging and agricultural encroachment. In return the circle aided the dynasty in re-enriching their lands. This ensured that when the first harvest came, enough was produced to not just support the dynasty but also let them thrive.



  Although Mantar had always been a popular deity in the Stonebrook Dynasty, he was officially adopted as the state's religion following the destruction. However, as none of their priests had survived north of the Sandswept Wastes, it took several years for the church to rebuild itself.

  Additionally, Orlo also grew in popularity. The white defender as he was known, was seen as the balancer of peace and perpetual defender of the north.
Founding Date
2325 AC
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Predecessor Organization
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Stonebrook Dynasty
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