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Bats of the Storm Surge Sea

The bats of Blue Star Cave are among the largest bats known to Orlos. Their wingspan is nearly two meters and their bite capacity rivals that of many hunting dogs. It is their magical capabilities though that makes them so unique. It is said that magic flows in their veins granting them extra life and strength beyond their appearance.

Excerpt from A Bestiary of Tangearin
by Ludlock

The Bats of the Storm Surge Sea are among the largest bats known, large enough to even be ridden by smaller humanoids. Their reclusive nature and extra capabilities though keeps them from mixing with other races too often.



Who knew that the magic that Craorloc had given Flimp so long ago still lived in Maps?


Maps, the familiar of Flimp Anthane McBlarn, became the first Bat of the Storm Surge Sea upon his master's death in 2439 AC. A blessing given to Flimp by Craorloc during their fight with the Cult of the Black Bones lasted longer than either of them had realized and the latent power carried over. This resulted in an exponential growth in size and power within Maps and his partner. They traveled east in the mountains until they reached Blue Star Cave where they made their abode. The celestial heritage of the bats sheltered them from the glaciers chill and granted them the strength to fend off the other predators in the area.


Food and Predators

If you see the bats soaring over the waters, know a chaos storm is eminent.

A captain's saying

Bats of the Storm Surge Sea are so named due to how they soar over the air currents of this body of water. It is believed that they consume the magical residue that collects in the area and is left by the Chaos Storms. This magical residue is what then gives them their magical capabilities. However, they have also been seen to conduct traditional hunting, taking down larger insects and birds that wander into their region.

The Bats have a number of natural predators. Among them are rocs and giant eagles (if they are caught in the day) but humanoids are the largest predator. The magical capabilities of the bats has led to the (correct) belief that their organs can be harvested for their magical potential in spells and items. Their pups are particularly prized for the potential they could represent if properly trained, particularly with their supposed ability to navigate the chaos storms.


Two livers, one heart, two eyes, 23 hairs, one spleen.

Smuggler's list

The bats have extraordinary vision as compared to many of their smaller brethren, allowing them to be a threat even during the day. They also have many protective abilities. It is said that they can shield their rider against nearly every form of ranged attack they may be subjected to and are completely immune to lightning of all sorts. Finally, they have many healing capabilities.
75 years
Geographic Distribution
Blue Star Cave
by Arimel using Midjourney

Bat of the Storm Surge Sea
by Arimel using Midjourney


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