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Circle of Hill and Dale

The secret in ensuring that the forests are preserved is in nurturing a respect for them in the cities.


The Circle of Hill and Dale is a nature oriented organization in the Sandswept Mountains in northern Tangearin. It promotes the protection of the forests and maintaining a balance between development and the natural world.


A circle of five shall lead for, where one may falter, four still hold straight.

The Lord of Oak

The Circle of Hill and Dale is governed by five shepherds. These shepherds are generally of natural backgrounds and have proven their commitment to the region and to the natural world in the way they have lived their lives. It is preferred that at least one of these leaders comes from a more urban background to ensure that the circle is in touch with the feelings of the developing world.

Although the druidic path may be prominent in the order, it is not the sole route to power. Wizards and fighters have all found themselves among the upper ranks for having a broad range of skills shows true wisdom. Additionally, since the creation of the City of Spores there have been an increased number of magicians falling into line with the circle, the natural environment of the city encouraging their study of nature in general.

Beneath the five leaders though the organization is relatively loose. There is no real hierarchy. Either you are or are not a member of the circle.

Relations with other groups

A member of the circle shall be present in the court for fifty years, at which time, a decision shall be made on whether to renew their term or not.

Excerpt from the Laws of the
Second Stonebrook Dynasty

The Second Stonebrook Dynasty and the City of Spores are the closest allies to the Circle of Hill and Dale in the north. Both areas have representatives of the council in their courts and are carefully consulted with in regard to rural developments and industry.

The Amiro Empire is less mindful of the order and have had several reprimands and difficulties in the past, particularly in regard to overlogging of their caravan camps.

From further afield, the Nature's Guardians support the Circle of Hill and Dale completely and many agreements and friendships pass between the two orders, despite the distance between them.


May the forest be with you.

Greeting of the
Circle of Hill and Dale

The Circle of Hill and Dale have a large influence on the natural world and the farmsteads in the countryside. They are often approached to increase the production of the fields and vineyards in the region. Additionally, they are often one of the easiest groups to approach in regard to natural products and wild beast products. They are also often approached to intercede for safe passage through some of the more wild and dangerous areas as they possess some of the best trackers and scouts in the region.

However, any who try to poach the creatures could face a heavy price as the whole forest turns its unwelcome attention on the guilty party.
Druidic Circle
Alternative Names
Nature's Guardians
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Nature's Guardians


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