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Nature's Guardians

In the forests,
In the groves,
are the guardians,
that nature loves.
In the dark,
and in the light,
yet always hidden,
from plain sight.
The guardians stand,
to protect all
of the natural world,
lest it fall.
Extract from The Guardians,
a poem by Eric Starfall


The Nature's Guardians are a widespread organization, although they have very little hierarchy outside of their individual communities.   The Nature's Guardians are composed of three tiers. The first tier include the apprentices. They are generally sworn to a member of the higher tiers but can sometimes be independent. Independent Nature's Guardians are rare and need to be careful in their dealings so as not to infringe on the local council. Those that do meddle and infringe may find their own membership revoked and the natural world turned against them.


The Nature's Guardians do not possess the types of assets that other guilds or organizations have, in the traditional sense of the term. They do not have abundant supplies and those that they do are simple works of wood and stone. They serve basic functions. The main power of Nature's Guardians are more the knowledge they carry. They are experts in the natural environment. They may hold the knowledge of the back paths through the great woods or the hidden pass through the mountains. They may know the local fauna and how to impressive the great Ents of the forest. This is where the true power of the Nature's Guardians lies.
Social, Group
Alternative Names
The Druidic Circle, The Oaken Guard, The Circle of Hill and Dale


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